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Greenlight Kawaii Collection 2015
Колекция от digitalneet
I love kawaii games!!
Cute anime collection
Колекция от Nepeta Leijon
this collection is made up of cute visual novels/simulations/fighting anime games that i believe should be bought or released on steam. They're just so cute!!
Колекция от TreJn
HIGH QUALITY NEXTGEN GAMES...! ... I Thought Steam's Greenlight was a Great Idea...
Medieval Kingpin
Колекция от MaLeK87
Колекция от JAt
Колекция от SiRKiP
Looks promising
Колекция от アンドリュ
A list of games which looks promising for me.
DotA 2 Player Art
Колекция от Ramonez
games played some screenshot that makes me feel so good good day guys
Колекция от E♂Curry
Portal Mods
Колекция от QuestionMurc
Portal mods that I am really hyped for, mainly for the graphics and/or music.
Колекция от Artichoke Joe
RPG Greenlight Games
Колекция от HunT.
Колекция от Jeη
ɹnuuᴉuƃ ᴉʇ
Visual Novels: Greenlit Edition
Колекция от TrickZZter
A collection of greenlit Visual Novel (and Visual Novel-ish) titles. If you are looking for non-greenlit Visual Novels, check the other collection:
``Simply The Best``
Колекция от NoregsVikingar
I rate games, some god and some bad. The worst are not ready for ``Valhalla``, but some of the best are ready to rule the sky together with ``Thor``, these are the games rated ``Simply The Best``
half life
Колекция от Tyski
War sims
Колекция от Mustard gas
My favs
Колекция от Mega Mongo
Stuff dat look cool yo
Jogos Bons q eu qro jogar
Колекция от Gasai Yuno
FTP ligais pra eu jogar
Колекция от Global Pandemic
Just a list of games that i think have potential in the community
Future Games
Колекция от [EverW1n]zatro
is a idea I have!!
Potential Games
Колекция от LUFFY
Games that is potentially fun. Could be the next big hit or one that worth the money and time.
Колекция от ⓵↯۩☢۩UNBURI ∀ED۩☢۩
Best Greenlights
Колекция от I Am Talavok
The Best Greenlight Games go Here :)
Колекция от Canti
To co Lubię
Колекция от smurfing by global elite
Jest to moja prywatna kolekacja...
DotA 2 Player Art
Колекция от Ramonez
games played some screenshot that makes me feel so good good day guys
Galway Gaming Tribes Collection
Колекция от DeadRedZebra
A collection of games that have been promoted by their developers at 'Galway Gaming Tribes' 'Galway Gaming Tribes' is an offline event held to promote the many different forms of games take. Held weekly in Galway city, Ireland. https://www.faceboo...
Колекция от 3nugrahanto
Колекция от DiegFC
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