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Колекция от: Mozy312
Scrumptious norwegian games that have to be Greenlit
Колекция от: Smooth Dog
For anyone (or any proud norwegian (vikings YEAH!)) that wants to support Norwegian games. There are not a lot of norwegian game developers out there, so support them by greenlighting their games. They poor folks need dosh. That is all, - Smoot...
Jay is Greenlights
Колекция от: Dora
I work for the indie game review site, and there's one thing I'm always looking for. Games. Awesome indie games. Awesome indie games that make you go, "Awwww yisss." Here is where I'm going to collect all the games I think you should check ...
Колекция от: 【Soylent.Hero】 2nite we r Jung
This will be a collection of smart table-top inspired adventure, puzzle, strategy, or role-playing games.
Колекция от: ekbmrb
A bunch of shmups on Greenlight. Image is Shmup Ship by ~Ayjun-invayjun on deviantART.
Стоит внимания
Колекция от: [RUS™]PĄHĄN
Greenlight wishlist
Колекция от: Ape
Games a Barbarian would play
Колекция от: Thrillion
Having our own game going through Greenlight has allowed to see loads of other cool games. So we thought we'd put together a collection of the ones most likely to amuse a Barbarian.
Ylariv's Steam GreenLight Favs
Колекция от: Son Of A Gun
Voici les jeux que j'aimerais voir disponible sur Steam!
Колекция от: Shiro
Test 123
Колекция от: Arturburtz
Колекция от: Anindyo
Колекция от: jugca77
sin pensar
Колекция от: pxevolution (chile)
la mejor de la mejor
Fun Games
Колекция от: [HCSC][TSC] o.W.n Medic
Колекция от: TugLyf
Can't wait for this!
Mejores Juegos del Greenlight.
Колекция от: Cesar30Garcia
Колекция от: etcmail
Arcade/Arena Shooters
Колекция от: yayo
Actual good games
Колекция от: Bubu'
Steam Greenlight
Колекция от: LNation
Steam Greenlight
KAZ Collection
Колекция от: KAZ_GAME3R
تجميعاتي من ستيم
Local Coop: Play with your friends, with your friends!
Колекция от: rektide
The best games are ones you can play with a bunch of people crammed around a monitor! Drop in, drop out, hand off the controller: leave the game open and let it be an ambient distraction for those around, games are about little worlds to peek into, and th...
Indie Bundle
Колекция от: huw12313212
indie games I like.
8-bit epic
Колекция от: Gram
8-bit gaming at it's most awesome!
Колекция от: adude0
Games that im putting here
more like
Колекция от: TFanller
i love u
Want Games
Колекция от: kelric6
Games I would like to own someday!
Golden McNuggets
Колекция от: Lokwas
I'm going to start digging through the garbage bin again and find the golden nuggets before Greenlight ceases to exist. Not all of these are great, some brown nuggets got through. I'll clean out the collection after I find another 20 good ones.
Greenlight Spotlight |
Колекция от: GN-Lelldorianx
These are games that have been featured on the Greenlight Spotlight YouTube series, a series dedicated to bringing the most interesting Steam Greenlight games to your attention.
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