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shadowbow7458 Awaiting release games
Колекция от shadowbow7458
Please vote these games
Колекция от ABlindPoet
Tanna's Seal of Approval
Колекция от Tanna
These games receive the Seal of Approval from lil' ol me, based on how cool I think it looks.
PrizmaxStudios Concepts
Колекция от PrixmaxStudios
Welcome to my new colection. This collection Is for all the game concepts we have a PrizmaxStudios. Please be sure to check them out and support them if they look cool. Also please give me alot of feedback, you can just add me as a friend and message me
Games I love to Play
Колекция от Studog™
Games I'd love to Play When they Come Out
Колекция от botmon
Moje Love! <3
Колекция от peTHunter69
Bundled Games
Колекция от Miblo
A collection of games I own from bundles that haven't yet arrived in the Steam Store.
KickStarters I've BACKED!
Колекция от Dodo
All games here I've backed on KickStarter
Premium games that must be Greenlit.
Колекция от Zanjo
Premium games, mostly pixel games that must be greenlit!
istaria stuff
Колекция от (DLG)Dragon King☠☢♀
Supernova Game Studio
Колекция от Supernova Game Studio
Somos agência de criação de jogos brasileira e abrimos este espaço para divulgação de nossos títulos.
Лучшие игры GreenLight
Колекция от Lord Petr
Тут лежат лучшие игры с ГринЛайта
Колекция от DimkaS
Games I like
Колекция от chrisgrey
liste des jeux que je voudrai voir sur steam
Колекция от sudess
worthwhile games
Колекция от meline123
free games that you should play and support
Indie Fan Collection
Колекция от PsychoEnte
This is a Steam-Greenlight collection that recommends new Steam-Greenlight-Indie-Games.
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