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best games ever
Колекция от Harry Potter
please help these games that are in greenlight and make sure to vote yes
Alguns Jogos
Колекция от Taic
Marketing gone wrong: the bikini-on-the-cover case
Колекция от Wok
Why would you put prominent boobs on your game cover? Please market your game better.
Love In Silence Colection
Колекция от Andreea
Enjoy New Stuff :X rate up and comment my game please
Point'n Click
Колекция от Obsinex
Pixel Art
Колекция от Gear ✅
Hi there! Here is a list of some Pixel Art Games i'm looking for, feel free to suggest more of them. This all started when Hammerwatch, and so i go on!
BlueBatch - Greenlight Batches
Колекция от Mightyy
These titles have been silently Greenlit so we’ve come along to solve this issue. Join the SteamGroup!
Grid-based first person RPGs
Колекция от ashi
This collection includes all grid-based first person RPGs on Steam Greenlight. Games will be removed from the collection when they either get a store page or are abandoned, so the following list will include games that have already been greenlit. Games tha
Source Mods
Колекция от J o n e x
A collection of Source engine and Gold Source engine mods looking to be/already released on Steam.
Колекция от
Es ist sehr gut.
Last Days of Greenlight
Колекция от Levi
Get in before its gone
Free-To-Play of GreenLight
Колекция от mymba
In this collection the most interesting game projects are provided. In comments you can write what projects to add in a collection. (В этой коллекции добавлены самые интересные Free-To-Play проекты. В комментариях Вы можете написать какик проекты добавить
Колекция от Nowacking
Scary Ass Games
Колекция от GameSpineJoe
EPIC Games
Колекция от Yuuzel
Some games that I can't get enough of... SO DAMN EPIC! It's about those games that hook you as soon as you start the 'tutorial' level. AMAZING gameplay, graphics, variety, etc... (Welll some are oldies, but they deserve a spot on the list... Epic game
Inspired Innovation
Колекция от Tekjet
This is a collection of the most creative, inventive, and unique games on Steam Greenlight. Athough there are plenty of other amazing games offered, this list is reserved for those games which offer something different and fresh from what has come before.
Pixelated Porn
Колекция от Caomhainn
A place for gorgeous and beautiful retro/pixel games.
Колекция от E♂Curry
Best of Greenlight
Колекция от Jon Snow
One last ride
Russian Steam Community Greenlight Showcase
Колекция от Россия
Collection of games and software by the Russian-speaking developers from over the world. We decided to adopt the idea of the Greenlight collection for games and software from our colleagues from the «BELARUS» group, which contains games an
IndieFort Countdown Bundle
Колекция от echoMateria [Fruitbat Factory]
IndieFort Countdown Bundle is going live Black Friday 2012. It is made of five separate bundles, a new bundle every week for five weeks. Each bundle is made of four games and priced at $4. For each bundle you buy, the next one will be $1 cheaper. So if you
Five Nights at Freddy's
Колекция от Filthy Frank
Колекция от 常春
Indie GreenLight Collective
Колекция от Devero
Indies helping Indies! This collective is for those Indies willing to help other Indies get noticed, connect, and just enjoy Game Development. To be part of this group, you must be willing to post about other Indie Games besides just your own. Som
Колекция от Pepiot
Anime games :3
Sandbox MMOs
Колекция от Reynava
Sandbox MMOs that have caught my attention.
FPS (First Person Shooter) Collection
Колекция от KO112
..._...______________________/|,_, .../ `- First Person Shooter -___|,_,_,] - - - - - - - - - - - - in your... .../_==o;;;;;;;;______...::/ ...), ---.(_(__) / ...// (..) ), ----" ..//___// .//___// /
Five nights at Freddy's 1,2,and 3
Колекция от gmodfan
This is fnaf 1 2and 3
FPEG: First-Person Exploration Games (Main Collection)
Колекция от AzureanStudios
An ever-growing list of First Person Exploration Games, as well as helpful "sub-collections" at the bottom of the list for those who want to quickly find their new favorite FPEG! If you're seeking exploration mixed with horror, exploration mixed with aimle
CS:GO Gamer
Колекция от Felix250
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