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Giochi da Greenlight
Колекция от Shairen The Wolf
Varie a alcune caso, potrebbero sorprendermi, altre da tenere d'occhio o che mi incuriosiscono, seguo e fav
Worst Looking Games Ever Which Have Been Greenlit
Колекция от Bad Cast Games
This collection consists of games which look so terrible and outdated even before they were released, that they should never have been Greenlit.
Wilkaaa gryyy
Колекция от Wilkuuu®
My collection
Колекция от chris1771
Колекция от tidlick
Колекция от [FHW] cattoaster
Колекция от Asuna YAYAsan
Just vote... XD
Great Looking Games
Колекция от Upfrontwarboyz
This collection is all about taking great, amazing looking games from Steam: Greenlight, and put them in here. That way, people can easily find amazing looking games, quick!
Bodds Collection
Колекция от JackBodds
This is simpily a collection for games that need to be on steam.
cool games
Колекция от Xperiment 414
Колекция от Disco Duck
Fun games
Колекция от Jack⑧
Greenlight & MisterBasile
Колекция от Miรтєяßαรιℓє[PoG]
Колекция от Snc89
Колекция от Miรтєяßαรιℓє[PoG]
Колекция от TheMineCam12 EN VACANCES !
Je veux le jeu !
Melon's Greenlight Picks
Колекция от TheMelonParty
These are titles that i hope to see escape from greenlight hell and actually have potential to be good games.
Колекция от Smly-erN
proyectos geniales
Колекция от jafercr
es una recopilacion de proyectos que a mi parecer son buenos y tienen -buena idea -buen diseño -jugabilidad -que sea genial
Softwares Cheirosos
Колекция от Reinaldinho Arcade
Todos os Softwares mais Cheirosos do GreenLight estão aqui. Jogos que realmente merecem minh atenção aparecem nessa Coleção Delícia e Gostosa Obrigado por ver e retire seu cartão,e boas compras!
Susto o trato
Колекция от karstiel
Колекция от JorgeGomez2880
Juegos que merece la pena probar y apoyar.
Horror Master List
Колекция от Gretch_n
The big list of adventure horror on steam greenlight. *preference toward 3d, Adventure, survival, story driven horror*
Create anime
Колекция от Yume Matte Cuso :3
I would like to rid the Internet of anime porn, and instead sogdat amogo great hyphae initial submissions I need someone who can help with that Deemed stupid is that? Your business
God games
Колекция от reeceven
Колекция от GING-See-also
jeu RPG
Колекция от aspro
Games I Like
Колекция от ruthaclark
These are the games i like and recommend.
Колекция от Mr_Bing
Games to look foward to!
Колекция от [CS]Killer
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