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esto es lo ultimo
Steam Greenlight Collection
Колекция от: NinjaSlayer
A collection of Greenlight games, run by NinjaSlayer
Good Games
Колекция от: gordoboots
Juegos que me interesan por su género o su potencial. / Games that interest me because of their gender or their potential.
moja kolekcja
Колекция от: Adonnaya
Russian bear with love!
Колекция от: Акакушко
Ну-с, вот моя игра :D
Greenlight Free to play
Колекция от: JONA
Free to play Games on Greenlight
alien swarm FP
Колекция от: Mico12
Колекция от: shinocheru
着せ替えゲー!操作感は良好で動かしていて楽しい、気持ち良い! 仲間とワイワイ遊ぶのがいいね! それ以外(野良)は、バッタゲー、ブッパゲー、デスコンゲーでクソゲ...
Good games
Колекция от: [RB] Foxy the Pirate Fox
These are games I hope get a Greenlight.
Kell's Kinda Games
Колекция от: KellExile
Here's a list of games I'd like. Probably will be a lot of strategy titles, but hey, that doesn't make them any less fun!
Колекция от: djbigdog97
Maxiesnax's Fun Games Collection!
Колекция от: ♯MλχιΣϟπΔχ™
A collection of games I find fun and enjoyable to play!
spil jeg vil ha
Колекция от: isakbendixen
Колекция от: jo! nt ▄ █ ▄
Survival Games
Колекция от: Selkip
This is a collection of very good Survival games that I enjoy or if they are not out look promising. I hope you like the games I put in too.
Games I really wanna see made
Колекция от: Zoe2ndRunner
After having a conversation with developers from PAX I am doing everything i can to greenlight anything i find cool, too much work is placed in games to not be reeleased on steam
Batch 2014-11-29 ~ 2014-12-05
Колекция от: Lunatrius
Games greenlit from 2014-11-29 to 2014-12-05.
Mods épicos
Колекция от: ViníciosSoder
Mods relacionados ao HL2 beta
Колекция от: Pasto
Qui inserirò i giochi che vorrei che venissero pubblicati!
Sinphax Collection
Колекция от: sinphax
Games I voted Yes on Greenlight
Колекция от: zeThib
game I have voted yes on Greenlight.
Колекция от: vombatharnish
Колекция от: Porokichin
Greenlit stuff, basically
Wanted Games
Колекция от: Kai For Cuzzies
All Awesome Games!
Колекция от: Gavellus
Колекция от: AJ MCool
These are games you have to get
Games i want
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