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projects to follow
Coleção por justin328
A few projects that caught my eye that I think are interesting and worth keeping up to date on as I believe they will wind up being a huge success and I feel that people will really enjoy playing these games once they are completed.
Troller158's GREENLIGHT Collection :D
Coleção por Sam
Game's That Sould Be On Steam Or Whatever
My favored games.
Coleção por Chuception
Basically the games I prefer to have that are currently Greenlit.
Armaan's Picks
Coleção por armaankhan
This is just the games I'd like to see released on Steam. Just like every other collection.
Doppelzett's Greenlight Collection
Coleção por Doppelzett
A collection of various voteworthy Greenlight items!
Jogos Steam Green
Coleção por 7HUND3R
Games = D
Coleção por kribbla
Yopoman's Greenlight Games
Coleção por Yopo
Indie Greenlight Games I've Voted For and Enjoyed!
Greenlight: Games with True Potential
Coleção por ALLENIGMA
To me, these are games on Greenlight that have true potential. - Mehanics of the games must be original or widely expanded and improved. If not, the games must tell an unique story. - Developers must be friendly and can handle constructive ciriticism
Second Look
Coleção por Gopher
Games I've seen on Greenlight worth a second look. Typically these are games showing significant potential or progress on the project.
favorite greenlights
Coleção por Kool Kendall
My Greenlight
Coleção por ken | CSGO500
My Collection! ...xD
Downloadable Contentment: Looking Forward
Coleção por Rayne Shepard
This is a collection of games that I want to keep an eye out for and hopefully write about.
All Types of Look-like-Fun-Games!^^
Coleção por gomoraner
A small List of different Games which should get a chance!
Good well thought out games that I like
Coleção por Manwithgun
I made a collection! Look at it, bask in it's glory! My favorite game in this collection is Black Mesa. You should add it to a collection like I did. This is the fifth sentance, probably. I learned about these games on the internet, which is a
Coleção por Gustavo
Collection of items for greenlight.
Flying Pix Collection
Coleção por NemesisZidar
Indie Games you should keep an eye on. If u love the Pixel Oldschool Look with the spirit of actual gameplay technics, like i do, try em out and get them greenlit. Keep it up.
The Green room
Coleção por puNDuKE
My personal favorite Steam Greenlight games. NOTE: Some might have already passed greenlight.
Coleção por am1goo
haz potenshul
Coleção por luckz
Games that have potential but aren't evidently going to be better than sliced bread concatenated with peanut butter (assuming you're into that kinda stuff).
Stuff I want
Coleção por Vyskammer
This is stuff I find on greenlight that I think would be awesome to play.
Classic Bit Gaming
Coleção por DragonK
A great collection of platformers that both are nostalgic and fresh.
Hardcore Games
Coleção por ThunderGemios10
This is a collection of Hardcore Games.
Animal's Party Games Collection
Coleção por Daniboy do Sertão
Welcome to my collection of party games, where I chose the games are adventure, action, fps, racing, strategy, and other categories. Here there is no games and no false poorly presented. I have hope for this collection and I hope you guys enjoy our party!...
Eyes On
Coleção por Rozei
Games that i personally think have a chance.
Things I want
Coleção por nz.gaymer
Stuff I would love to play
Wanted games
Coleção por [LP] Xtreme_Dummy [w] | μT |
This is the list of games that the biggest derp in the world wants... You might even see me play it on my channel!
Coleção por Andre1986
Mittlerweile gibt es immer mehr Survivalgames mit den verschiedensten Ansätzen, Engines und Online Features, sowie verschiedensten Welten. DayZ scheint momentan zwar noch der Vorreiter zu sein, allerdings kommt immer mehr Konkurrenz auf den Markt. Hier
Great upcoming shmups
Coleção por Khnemu
A collection of great upcoming shmup titles on Steam (greenlight campaign, already greenlit, etc.) !
Coleção por zzzz
I am not sure what is interesting to others, but it's interesting to me?
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