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The Name Of The Game
Coleção por deliciousfiction
These are games that I am interested in for one reason or another. I am a gamer who is interested in games that are usually dark, story driven,are about exploration, and are beautifully rendered.Not everything in this collection will be as described but v...
Tiki's Top Spotlights
Coleção por [SG] TikiShades
I'm a big fan of RPG games, as well as games that make you think in general. These are a collection of titles that I think have some real artistic quality and present something we haven't seen (or at least not enough). Some games are made to sell, but the...
Pulsifer's collection
Coleção por Salem Pulsifer
Just mine.
Ghost Rider's wishes
Coleção por Ghost Player
Coleção por FARTER
No cellphone games Most of these are dead
My Greenlight Picks
Coleção por NRFBToyStore
Just some items that I feel deserve a chance and that I want to keep up on progress.
Pat Jerowski's Favorites Collection
Coleção por 3rd Rookie Pat Jerowski
This is a collection of games that the legendary rookie Pat Jerowski believes to be legit and have potential for greatness. Follow the path of Pat Jerowski for the glory of mankind.
Coleção por jaygettingswoles
haz potenshul
Coleção por luckz
Games that have potential but aren't evidently going to be better than sliced bread concatenated with peanut butter (assuming you're into that kinda stuff).
My personal Steam Greenlight picks
Coleção por FunktionJCB
A selection of personal favourites from the numerous Steam Greenlight entries. Selection criteria: having any form of playable portion currently available, be it an alpha/beta/prototype sample, a demo, or the full game already released. I personally...
Crewon series
Coleção por Efaj
Collection of games by CReNET games about the universe of Crewons, overpowered creatures of epic combat prowess.
mah favorite greenlight games
Coleção por Dragonbuns
The games I want to see on steam.
Helical Games
Coleção por CrimsonStrife
Games and Concepts by Helical Games.
Things that need to be a thing.
Coleção por Klüps
A collection of games that NEED to be voted for, for the good of mankind!
There you go..
Coleção por AbsolutSleep
A collection of the games we need..
FIEA Capstone Games
Coleção por Escherreal (Amber)
Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy Capstone Games Shooting for Greenlight
Coleção por Nito
Games for 2013
Coleção por CheukMe2u
Made solely for Super Motherload. I hope this isn't against the rules of making a collection. If anything it's 2D games. =D I never vote on Greenlit since I don't have time, But when I do, it's a game I really want.
Coleção por BitchiMcBitch
Hier werden Spiele vorgestellt die ich im Greenlight gut finde^^
Indie Love
Coleção por wcoastsands
Show some love for these amazing titles worthy of being featured in the Steam Store!
Coleção por On1x
Rockin' Da World...
Coleção por Axia
Everything I like...
i like
Coleção por MEMORIES
kool gaims
Coleção por Mr. Dement1a
gud gaims
Coleção por TriDark
ArtikChill's Favorites!
Coleção por ArtikChill
A collection of my favorite looking greenlight games that I would actually play.
Coleção por Dean Retroknight
Coleção por pro100ncux
Мои игры
Coleção por Labor
Games that look awesome
Coleção por Artemis
These are games that I think should be released on steam.
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