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MUSTPLAY: Cecil's Choice
Coleção por: Cecil
Embrace diversity. Enjoy!
Faolan’s Choice
Coleção por: FaolanHart
Let’s face it, the vast majority of games on Greenlight are awful. I’ve gone through every game on Greenlight since it started & I’m mostly frustrated with seeing basically the same kind of games over & over & I’m sure I’m not the only one. Mi...
Adventure games
Coleção por: Manny
Hum, interesting..
Coleção por: schulleck
Interesting concepts.
<<< Loka´s Best Ever >>>
Coleção por: loko23
quer durch die bank, mmo, shooter, action, fun and so on...
A Collection
Coleção por: Stan the Radio Guy
My first collection.
must have/ interesting
Coleção por: Sir.Kaoselite [Xenus Games]
Things that should exist
Coleção por: MeeBeAndrew
All the Conceps and ideas I have found and like are in this collection. Things that I think should be a real game I've put here to revisit for updates.
Coleção por: ravencroft82
A collection of games that I sincerely hope will be greenlit!
Games I think look awesome!
Coleção por: PoOpSaLaD
Says it in the title...
Top-Teir Ideas/Games
Coleção por: ValidGoblin
A collection of what i consider to be top tier/next gen games. As a hardcore gamer and a indie developer, i want to keep a collection of games that. i will not only buy and support, but also games that i feel everyone should look into. All of the games on...
Coleção por: Hussar
For games
Consider the following...
Coleção por: 2-Much-Source
A collection containing some of my personal choices.
Coleção por: Stabler Blade
Coleção por: MrX
My Game
Coleção por: † Bogothix †
Coleção por: Korgeth
Scary games
Coleção por: Deagletime
Coleção por: sou1seeker
Coleção por: jeffmejones
Coleção por: Sacredshadow
War Thunder
Coleção por: [IM] LeoDamon(Meep)ツ
My favorite?
Coleção por: mackerel2k8
The "I want this fucking game" Collection
Coleção por: RawkBandDuck
I want these fucking games, Goddamn I want these games. Also Snoop Dogg. Yiss.
Romejanic Approved
Coleção por: Eric Cartman
This is a collection of Steam Greenlight games that are Romejanic approved!
Bundled Greenlight titles.
Coleção por: frostySnowfields™ 2 Days.
Just titles in various Greenlight bundles that i've bought and organised in a neat manner for myself to keep an eye on.
CamCraft's GameCollection
Coleção por: Jiine
Games that many people will probably like
Arc†ic's GLC
Coleção por: Vert's Husband
Simuladores que merecem esta aki no steam!
Coleção por: .No_SmOKingg ' [D]anizi[n] ®
Simuladores de onibus e caminhao ae!
An RPG collection bares its list at you! Will you (B)rowse or (S)earch for a demo?
Coleção por: Dungeonbuster
Shelves filled with boxes both colorful and mundane loom around you like the scattered pieces of a bygone age, wooden arms shouldering trinkets and ideas hearkening back to the 80s and the 90s. Adventures in which the player journeyed alone or with a part...
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