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Hardcore Games
Coleção por: ThunderGemios10
This is a collection of Hardcore Games.
DerEider's GREENLight bunch
Coleção por: DerEider
My personal assortment of GREENLight specials. No particular criteria has been applied during their selection; just enjoy.
dude this is awesome
Coleção por: totashi777
These are games I am impressed with while greenlighting, which I do often. Hope you enjoy.
Coleção por: Fabian
Here is all of my stuff, what i am developing!
Stuff that NEEDS to be funded and made C:
Coleção por: ♊ Mituna Captor ♊
So yeah stuff that needs to be funded C: And I hope the Homestuck kickstarter game appears on steam becAUSE I NEED IT\ so yeh c:
best game
Coleção por: FYODOR
Hidden Object Games on Greenlight
Coleção por: Chudah
Collection of Hidden Object Games currently on Greenlight compiled by Hidden Object Gamers (HOGGroup).
Anime Games
Coleção por: Khayron
Jrpgs, sims, strategy and other types of anime style games that i like.
HaxeFlixel Games
Coleção por: STVR
A collection of games made using HaxeFlixel!
Musty Gaming (The Bear Skin Rug)
Coleção por: Steak and Potatoes
Here is our selections from massive sifting. These folks offer creativity and join the Bear Skin Rug status in gaming. Overlooked but not underdone......
List of FPS for GreenLight
Coleção por: Binco
Coleção por: SubTle_DooMryd3r
Games I would most definitely reccomend
FPWG: First Person Wandering Games
Coleção por: Connor Arbiter
This sub-collection of the First Person Exploration Games Collection will cater specifically to FPEGs that exhibit an emphasis on or are at least perfectly facilitative to "wandering about"—a game mechanic explicitly different from general exploration. ...
Sci-Fi Strategy
Coleção por: Khayron
Strategy based on Sci-fi themes/universes
Best of Greenlight
Coleção por: Gelweo
Games that really deserves to be greenlighted :)
CUD's Choice
Coleção por: CUD
The best of Greenlight hand picked by CUD himself.
Unofficial Greenlit List 11-Oct-2014
Coleção por: Allrot
Unofficial list of Greenlit titles from August 1st 2014 to October 11th 2014. List is not final, as I may have missed some, added old undocumented greenlit titles or some titles may be Greenlit revoked (just in case).
Coleção por: EasyKatka#7
Коллекция интересна теч, что тут много интересного))
thumbs Up
Coleção por: devenchristeson
good games that have lots of potential
my collection
Coleção por: Gaby Legendar
My 2013 Greenlight Favorites
Coleção por: Jedo
These are my favorite greenlight items that were posted/greenlit in 2013! Some of these games look so fun for co-op that I'll be picking a few from the list for some co-op action. When these games come out, I'll be buying 4-packs to distribute to fe...
Arcade air/space shooters
Coleção por: White Spirit
Coleccion Greenlight
Coleção por: Zonacas
Coleccion :)
The Future of Gaming: SamagonTheSwift
Coleção por: SamagonTheSwift
I've decided to completely re-start this collection as I made it just for a friend, but then I went back to it, because it was commented on and I realised that I had 42 ratings! For you that might not be much, but for me, who rarely gets attention, this w...
Best Games
Coleção por: DinoBatt
Best games in Greenlight
The Criterian First Person Adventure Collection
Coleção por: BammySurps
IMMERSIVE | CREATIVE | ADVENTURE-DRIVEN | OPEN WORLD -- For those who love rich stories, adventure, unique experiences, survival, wilderness, mystery, and for those who love games worthy of screenshots -- This is a collection of both upcoming an...
Proyectos de juegos que esperamos :D
Coleção por: Chriss
The Art of Shmup
Coleção por: DigitalGibs
A collection of noteworthy shooters, focused mostly on shmup, bullet hell games, and other arcade shooters. It can't be helped that they are visual marvels as well.
New York Indie Games
Coleção por: KBlaney
New York City and the surrounding areas have a lively game development scene, especially a number of independently owned studios. If you are from the Big Apple or simply want to see what comes out of a city when it doesn't sleep, check out the games in th...
Strategy & Simulation
Coleção por: KUZE
4x, TRPG, GSG, TBS, sim, etc.
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