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July 11th Batch of Greenlight Titles
Coleção por: ChrisK
This is the collection of titles Greenlit on July 11th, 2014 and offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles were selected on the same criteria we have been using in the past: Votes in Greenlight give us a hugely valuable point of data in ga...
The Forest
Coleção por: ®
Happy GrennLight
Coleção por: ZiliottoMK
GreenLight Games
Coleção por: EssaKat
Thıs is what i want to play in greenlight games
Coleção por: CAKAL
Oyun Hakkında Açıklama. Oyun ana karekteri Beyazıt eşi ve kızını kaybetikkten sonra ormanda yaşamaya başlıyor fakat ormanda bir süre kaldıktan sonra ormanda sesler duymaya başlıyor ve bazende bazı cisimler görüyor ve ormandan kaçma...
block games
Coleção por: cool-minecraft2
Coleção por: RavageMKZ
Steam Greenlight
Coleção por: LNation
Steam Greenlight
I like it
Coleção por: Кто-то
All games, that I've found in the Greenlight.
Coleção por: Felix
Anime, moe and fanservice.
The World II
Coleção por: raistlin
The World 2 is an Single-player version for PC that allows players the chance to fight the meanest, baddest, and biggest bosses in gaming from the moment they enter the game in a 3D destructible arena. Players will no longer have to fight smaller enemie...
Stupid Simulators
Coleção por: NachoAssassin
Recently, simulator games have become extremely popular for some reason. They have taken over the steam store and possibly even the world at a subtle level. some of these items include (but are not limited to): Train Sim, Euro truck sim, Euro Truck sim 2,...
Coleção por: Jens [GER] ︻デ═一一
Here Horror Greenlight gems:
Greenlight wishlist
Coleção por: Ape
Indies For You.
Coleção por: Nubbie1
This is a collection for games that deserve your money without a doubt. These developers spend their time designing and showing games for us that we hopefully like. Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone deserves an Indie Game.
Coleção por: Meow ♥
Multiplayer *Watching
Coleção por: Figueroa1984
Games im currently viewing, because of multiplayer, or games that are released, that are for potential to actually buy. All multiplayer tho.
Georgian Developers at Steam Greenlight
Coleção por: THISain't [GE]
Collection for all the games created by Georgian people.
Potential Greats
Coleção por: Aries
Games I believe to have a potential impact in the future for gamers. They could even change the way we accept and play games in the future.
TIbia :D
Coleção por: B0ruK
tibia foreva
Arcade/Arena Shooters
Coleção por: gt
Actual good games
On Greatest Indie Games
Coleção por: TheMasquerader
Gathering all the games featured on the Greatest Indie Games website!
Creative stuff
Coleção por: Melarien
Artistic, fun and creative games with a twist in science.
Coleção por: Luke
Coleção por: El Farmaceutico
Eyes On
Coleção por: Rozei
Games that i personally think have a chance.
GreenLight Wishlist
Coleção por: Blaz3r
A collection of games I've been watching on Green Light, and hope I get to play once they're released.
Scifi and fantasy
Coleção por: Renmiri
Sci Fi and Fantasy RPG that look good
Coleção por: Jame Wutaker
Awesome new games
Coleção por: xTcR | Chatoyer720p [IN-R]
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