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Bagel's Picks
Collection by Bagel
These are a bunch of games that I thought looked interesting. I plan on making a let's play, or some other kind of video of these games on my channel when they come out. This list is mostly just for me but I thought I'd put it on here just to get these gam
Collection by FuatKamis
Collection by Candemore
Collection by Ksaji
Beschte Spiele
Collection by badrobber
Hier findest du sau nicer dicer + Spiele!
Simulation Games
Collection by darkxtuik
It's A Colleciton Of Cool Simulation Games.
Degni di nota
Collection by hyperionx
Non la rende interessante un cazzo di nulla è solo una stupidissima collezione. I giochi aggiunti stabiliscono se è interessante o meno.
Personal faves
Collection by Herbal Remedy
Paco's Collection
Collection by Eladhan
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