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Mechabit's list
Collection by: Mechabit
Personal favorites on Greenlight
Collection by: Jihroell
to play
Collection by: {DMM}Nextar
games to try out
Games I Might Buy
Collection by: Motabor1963
Collection by: Ronald Reagan
Crap goes here
juegos cr
Collection by: crasher
Collection by: FaJe Brosaurus
Greenlight Games
Collection by: AGWX2
Collection by: Haughty Death
Things I want to see more of
Interessante Greenlight Spiele
Collection by: Ryota'
Hier pack ich Greenlight Spiele rein, die es wert sind sie einmal anzugucken...
La collezione di Dado
Collection by: dadopazzo-99
Collection by: FaraThe1
dating sims/ visual novels
Collection by: evilcloun
dating sim games
Buying Eventually
Collection by: Charlie Waffles
These are games that I will eventually buy once/if they get released. There's no specific genre, so that's sort of irrelevant. This is a very personalized collection, so some of these games could look good to me and most others wouldn't like it. You never...
оп оп
Collection by: КатюхаБратка
чиЧётки игры
IceKid Games
Collection by: IceKid ツ
Collection by: Cassious xD
eğlenceli olsun kafa olsun
Awesome RPG's
Collection by: Rashura
List of awesome rpg and old skool platformers to relive the epic nes, snes, gameboy advance days.
Alekyproof Indie Titles
Collection by: Aleky2002
These games are the ones that are in the Greenlight and that I would love to have them here on Steam
Greenlit games
Collection by: lowerydrew76
fan made games
Collection by: Famous
Games that I would like to get
Collection by: FrasierEd
Collection by: crazydcomix
Hi, I`m a young man who love to make and pay video games. You will realize that some of the games in this collection will actually be just as big of hits as many other great games I`ve seen on steam so far. some games might not do as well as others in thi...
Driving games
Collection by: kild0zer
Water Collection
Collection by: poms
This is my Collection! lol idk.
Collection by: ReLo4D
Collection by: purple guy the 13 dr of galifray
Greenlight Collection 1
Collection by: LoNeWoLF ~
I love the Greenlight initiative and I support community driven development of games
Collection by: Tangro Blubborst
Good loking games
Collection by: Constantine XV HKJ
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