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the good stuff
Collection by Mr.Mocha
It'd Be An Insult Not To Rate These Games Up!
Collection by シ◁◂Mangoshi▸▷ツ
Any game here I see as f**king awesome, and to not vote it up and support it would be offensive to both the developers and the existence of the game.
Collection by KURWETA [OSU-dro4er]
Greenlight Favoriten
Collection by durian
los mejores games sur FeuVert ¡!
Greenlight Games I Upvoted
Collection by Ktyli
Help the community pick the next games to be made available on Steam! Browse through entries in Steam Greenlight (Look under your Community Tab for Greenlight), leave feedback, and upvote games you want to see on Steam.
My awesome:Greeenlight Collection
Collection by Carl0s
This is my greenlight collection. Hope you like it!
Games I Want
Collection by Monika
I want StarMade!
Wish to Buy
Collection by thundergekko
Games on greenlight that i wish to support with my wallet
Collection by saltam
Greenlight games
Collection by LOUD NOISES
Good Games
Collection by Fortegx
Collection by SirGetkillalot
stuff that i like or i might want to play
Collection by Smokey McBongwater
Games I want k
Collection by Smashplaya
Games I want k
The Best Ones
Collection by Jason Eller
The Best of The Best
Collection by bootszebi
just my collection and wish list
All the wants
Collection by bagszi
games i want in steam
Cool games :D
Collection by Fuwafuwaru
Collection by bakayona
this is my collections >:C
Take Care
Collection by fadedlikeerase
Started from the bottom.
Collection by DragonLord53
fun games XP
Collection by dleogh1280
Collection of fun games :D
Favourite Game(s)!
Collection by Rickle Pick
Favourite games!
Greenlight Collection
Collection by Where4EverDies
Collection by Smokey McBongwater
Just games
The Awesome game list
Collection by dimka
It's just that awesome.
Games I Like
Collection by Warchamp7
A collection of all the games I find interesting or fun
My Greenlight
Collection by Pando
Is my collection ;3
Games I want to see
Collection by Lee33701
These are the games that I want to see made and aren't normally available. That is why I am listing games that i think would be entertaining and educational or that I find interesting at the same time
Collection by Farky
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