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Collection by Apeeatape
All cool metroidvanias
Collection by Neville's Hat
Collection by PsychedelicJimma
a series of fun little mini-games, that will increase your procrastinating powers, and make sure you have fun, in those moments, when you just need to kill time. i think that these games will be great in the future, but not without your support
To Buy List
Collection by StubbornGab
Must-Purchases for my Mac
Greenlight Pixels
Collection by Edriam
This collection IS full of the best games (my opinion) If you dissaprove my logic, show it in the comments and leave what you want me to add, thank you hamsters, see you later!
Ones to Watch
Collection by Trigon
Games in development worth following.
Games VirgateSpy knows will be awesome.
Collection by VirgateSpy
Games with beautiful visual aesthetics and style, with good controls, and with innovative and/or just plain fun gameplay. Basically the games which I'm most looking forward to.
Actually good looking games
Collection by DivineWolf
Games that actually have some promise, and are worth being greenlit.
Cute RPGs
Collection by Qahnaarin Selvi
Cute Indie games I like on Greenlight.
Greenlight stuff
Collection by Beat Synthix
name says it all
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