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Containing item: "Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag"
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Collection by MADE in 4INA
Gaming Dead Space
Collection by Đανιѕβєαтѕ Ⓡ
It's mine <'3
Ylariv's Steam GreenLight Favs
Collection by ErectuZ
Voici les jeux que j'aimerais voir disponible sur Steam!
Arcade/Arena Shooters
Collection by adryenz is spookt!
Actual good games
FPS & Co: greenlightés (
Collection by netsabes
First-Person Shooters, simulateurs de meurtres, ego-shooters et jeux d'horreur/exploration/puzzle en vue subjective. Greenlightés, en attente de sortie.
my greenlight collection
Collection by hhhhhh
Greenlit RPG & Adventure
Collection by BladeZerker
Greenlight Creative
Collection by NGNL | Seigo (勝利)
Source Sauce Playlist
Collection by SHOUBI°♫
Most of them are nowadays free standalone on Steam but used to be previous Valve Source engine modifications.. Best upcoming indie game out there: Please rate Fast Detect! ːss2heartː[
Хочу чтобы выпустили I want to SEE IT
Collection by Mr.Rijepticallllll
Ну я сам то тут не участвую в разработке, но вот пытаюсь помочь продвижению других игр.
Collection by Sizr_den
top hry co bych rad do steamu :D
Looking forward to playing these games
Collection by Chichi
Some of the games I voted for in Greenlight.
Interesting projects
Collection by Coprophil
Greenlights I want!
Collection by CrazyDrZenith
Collection by Sale
Minha coleção de jogos que recomendo e que gostaria que fossem lançados.
Collection by camping-gas
En esta coleccion encontraras mods de valve creados por la comunidad,los que desde mi punto de vista deberian ser aprobados por Steam y los que ya estan disponibles.
Fun| II
Collection by D🅴adExit
Half-Life mods and other stuff
Collection by JCautom
Source Mods (Well Kinda)
Collection by Owen_Greg
Untch select
Collection by ™Krupp √®©
Uma coleção de Games interessantes e que transporta para um nivel especial de interação
Collection by XUS0DOGG™
El mundo Half-Life, trata sobre Gordon Freeman, un investigador del Laboratorio de Materiales Anómalos del Centro de Investigación Black Mesa, un enorme complejo científico ultra secreto instalado en una base militar en desuso completamente bajo la superfi
Druid's fav Greenlight games
Collection by Night Druid
Some Greenlight games I think should be on steam. I wish these games the best of luck in the battle to get onto the steam store.
Fun Games on the spot, Free to Play fun
Collection by <"Jakeulous">
This collection is about the "Great" games that I prefer Purchasing them and Playing them for long Hours. These Games in my Collection is greatly hand picked and graphically "AMAZED" me for it's status of Development and Publishing... I myself, hope that y
RolexHecH's Collection
Collection by Exodus_.RolexHech
Collection by Juice
Список понравившихся мне игр
Collection by ICNNTEMP
New Games
Greenlight Games You Should Care About!
Collection by Spirit of Adventure
What the title said.
оп оп
Collection by ЛисичкаСестричка
чиЧётки игры
Greenlight collection
Collection by so good
source games
Collection by bm killler10 ☠
source engine based grenlight game
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