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DyingDutchman's Reccomended Mods
Collection by: DyingDutchman
Some mods i find to be a great addition to Skyrim. SKSE Required!
Corbin's Collection
Collection by: Corbono
Pretty complete and awesome
monicle's setup
Collection by: Monicle
my mods
Collection by: HACRO
SBValour's Gameplay Collection
Collection by: SBValour
A Collection for my friends to see which mods i use for Skyrim
Scavenger's Skyrim collection
Collection by: Bosmaire
collection of all the mods i use to improve my experience in skyrim :)
MM - collection
Collection by: MafiaSd3
Private Stuff
Collection by: Linkofcourage
Just keeping the mods i use in one collection, use it at your own discretion.
My Favorite Mods
Collection by:
A list of my favorite mods for Skyrim, which seem to work well together without too many glitches. CBBE is great if you are tired of Skyrim having rail thin women, and SkyUI is an amazing overhaul of the user interface. Unfortunately I could not fi...
Skyrim Modded
Collection by: CKeldor300
List of Mods on the Nexus (install the Nexus Mod Manager or your choice of a manager): (Due to complexity of some mods or rather no permission to upload on Steam Workshop, I'm listing the mods I use.)
Personal Collection
Collection by: fgts Houlberg
Smithy's Collection
Collection by: Uncreated Lemon
starter mods for the kirklands
Collection by: Murica
some starter mods for my friends.
Graphics and Needed Mods
Collection by: Star-Lord
Ok my collection of all the mods I use
Collection by: Adrian W
LOL XD i dont know why steam makes me write this stuff out but ok lol i dont even know mang.... anyway #werf and i cant even and yea
Collection by: Tortellini
HedgehogThe's Collections!
Collection by: HedgehogThe
My collection of mods though thay're not mine persé, they work absolutely fine!
HNGamers Collection
Collection by: TheVisad
Die-NastY's Mod Collection
Collection by: [VP] Die_NastYYYY
Just a bunch of mods I subscribed to with Steam that Id like to share.
My Personal Selection of Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Gage
My subs
Collection by: Wes1180
Kizor's Ultimate Immersion Collection
Collection by: [N] Kizor #4clouD
When it comes to mods I have always been very picky. The Elder Scrolls has been one of my favorite games since I was introduced to Morrowind. This is a collection, minus a few that have been removed from the workshop, that I would say you MUST, not should...
Collection by: Magicicada
they're great
Subscribe to these!!!!
Collection by: Namtaws
Just some of my favorites
Skyrim Enhanced
Collection by: coopermf
These mods are designed to enhance your gameplay in Skyrim and make it an all around better game. You don't need to download all of these mods, you can pick and choose. It is also recommended that you download a Skyrim script extender.
Random Mod Collection
Collection by: FYI I'm a spy... or am I?
Alchanii's Junk
Collection by: The Early Access Alchanii
In-case anyone wonders all of what I use. I must note, though: Just because you can hit "subscribe all" on this collection, doesn't mean you should completely trust me to the point of not using BOSS, or just not wondering if, say "That's Ice" and "Rea...
House Mods
Collection by: Shoot Me Zen
Mods that make changes to player homes and do not alter the dynamics or lore of the game
Personal current stuff
Collection by: Phearlock
Personal collection of stuff.
Collection by: SamusXtreme
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