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G&Ks Collection
Collection by: Kerrin
Tweaks for Slightly Improved Experience
Collection by: Nathan
Nothing major. Just a few tweaks. Better weather effects, and the ability to control weather. Better UI (requires the mod "Skyrim Script Extender"). A meter to make picking locks easier. Fast travel straight to the front door of your houses. Nothing i...
Sir Gunny's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: .[νA] Jack
These are some of the mods I use that don't change the game all that much, they're just visual tweaks that I think makes the game feel more like Skyrim should have felt like.
Raketenvertreter's Best
Collection by: Raketenvertreter
Assorted mods I play with.
Xndr's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: [x] xndr_78
Mods I use.
Collection by: TheEscapizt
Collection by: TheEscapizt
Collection by: DrProfessorScience
Ratisar Skurim
Collection by: Ratisar
ну как бы
My Steam Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: Liam207
James' Basic Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: JamesStrife
Just some mods I always play with. Mostly small enhancements and tweaks. Major mods: Souls to Perks, Fixed Followers Lite, Midas, and Skyui.
Dumz collection
Collection by: Dumzdey
A collection of Mods for some of my friends.
Collection by: ihatelag2001
Collection by: Cekura
Collection by: The Man With No Name
check this shit out
Collection by: jimmydamage
just collecting
for you guys
Collection by: Roger Murtaugh
A small selection of some skyrim mods
Chubbybumps collection
Collection by: chubbybump
These are mods that I have selected to be compatible together and bring new life into skyrim for those who have already had a play through. The mods try to improve the graphics, scenery, and gameplay while also adding new quests, places and monsters to en...
Collection by: Childish Schwartzino
Collection by: Avenger
fun stuff
My backup
Collection by: Mathue24
loklans collection
Collection by: loklan
Legwons graphics and UI
Collection by: legwon
Collection of graphic and UI mods that i use to make this game Incredible. * NOTE: i do NOT take credit for any of these mods listed, i did NOT make any of them.
Leadtorrent's Awesome Mods for Awesome People
Collection by: [ЯтR] Capt. Leadtorrent
Mostly mods that visually enhance the game without any noticable (at best slight) drop in FPS.
For evan
Collection by: Captain O'
Laughing Crow's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Laughing Crow
The mods I currently use.
Bit-Tech Recommended
Collection by: AdZ
This is a collection of the "Essentials" that bit-tech recommend. IMPORTANT! SkyUI requires SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) - 3 of the mods cannot be ins...
TheKilla Kollektion
Collection by: CaptainPiul
Zarkana's Recommended Mods
Collection by: jsc940
Mods that I personally use and recommend.
Collection by: Cowjuicer
Things I want to use.
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