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Basic 100 Mod Over All Game Enhancement (must get)
Collection by H.A.W.K.E.R.Z
Best Armor's Best Weapons Best Graphics Best Animal & Bird Surroundings Some HD Towns Forest Tree & Mountain Homes Best (Non Overdose) Magic Collection Quest & Fast travel & boat use MOD Excellent Sound Collection Menu - Spinning Emblem
Collection by
just some stuff working together we like to use
Be Like Quaku
Collection by shin00bi
Skyrim mods, that I am using.
Simply Skyrim
Collection by jade2016
Just my personal collection of Skyrim mods that make the game a little more fun and definitely prettier.
Collection by SuicideStix
Skyrim Mods - Clothing, Armor, and weapons
Collection by Bhay'lor'rok
My favorite mods for clothing, armor, and weapons.
Duck's mod list
Collection by Duck (Recovering)
This is just a list of my mods to quickly sub to them because i getting a new PC so yeah, don't click this unless you interested in mah mods that i using. FIN
Nicky's personal collection
Collection by Dr. Wang
Skyrim Starter kit
Collection by Raampage o.O
Lascivious' Skyrim Collection
Collection by roguelike
Just all the stuff I use, for convenience & passing along.
JL's Collection
Collection by JLChafardet
This is but a list of the mods i use and consider both safe and cool.
dark heads
Collection by sebastianlehmann1
Collection by MrDj
Eclipsion Mod List
Collection by xgen6190
Lots of mods that everyone needs.
Skyrim Erweitert
Collection by SK2090
My shtuff
Collection by angel_lmth
Current game build, no bugs so far
Foruth load... to the end
Collection by altowolf
Taloric's Stuff
Collection by FirstImpulse
My Stuff.
Skyrim improved
Collection by Decard Pain
My attempt to improve on everything I felt was wrong with skyrim.
Skyrim + (Game Enhancements)
Collection by Ravi~Anon
A lore friendly pack of little additions, bug fixes, and changes! REQUIRES: Dawnguard Hearthfire
Vindicore's Collection
Collection by -V- Vindicore
All the mods I run. Mainly graphical upgrades for everything, with a few gameplay tweaks here and there along with a bunch of player made quests.
Collection by Bonzwagga
All mods - Skyrim
Zethn's Armory
Collection by Damardan
Ma collection d'armes et d'armures.
All mods I use
Collection by Chronicler
Just every single mod I use, Pick and choose as you feel
Science Machine's Skyrim
Collection by Science Machine
100+ mods i'm currently using in my version of Skyrim, aimed to be a lore friendly improvement and addition to every part of the game. This is both content and visual mods in near equal quantities, so people wanting to keep the look of their game should b...
Nightbender's Collection for Friends
Collection by Nightbender
Just a collection for my friends to try out new mods easily. All mods in the list should work together. *Meant for core game. Additional mod arrangment needed if you have the DLCs. Do not forget to perfom the extra installs/actions that are required...
Tists Skyrim Collection #1 - Armors 1.1 [ENG]
Collection by TiST
Collection by Kirito
My stuff
Cool Extras
Collection by Jamilus
Just a bunch of armor and other things that add elements to the game without changing its vanilla packaging.
LD Mod Pack
Collection by Lemonade Death
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