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Containing item: "Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1"
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Trod's Mod Collection
Collection by: Trodamus
These are mods that I'm using, primarily graphics mods.
Xndr's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: [x] xndr_78
Mods I use.
My Personal Collection
Collection by: Altakaiser
For me. Don't use if you don't like.
RuneKittens mods
Collection by: RuneKitten
These are the mods I use incase any one wants to see them
Rek Plays: Recording Mods
Collection by: Reklaw
These are the mods I use when recording and actually playing.
Cool Extras
Collection by: [FBGM] thatonedude710
Just a bunch of armor and other things that add elements to the game without changing its vanilla packaging.
stuff mods
Collection by: Qwamby
good colection of usefulness
Mods I Use
Collection by: tails
Collection by: Kibles
Beef Jelly Collection
Collection by: Cool Dog
Leadtorrent's Awesome Mods for Awesome People
Collection by: [ЯтR] Capt. Leadtorrent
Mostly mods that visually enhance the game without any noticable (at best slight) drop in FPS.
Laughing Crow's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Laughing Crow
The mods I currently use.
I'm So Sorry
Collection by: skyknyt
This is just a random collection of nonsense to send yourself into a tizzy.
Collection by: Annie won
John's Collection
Collection by: Nautical_Sage
Collection by: Chaqa @ Clams
Don't Make Lemonade!'s Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: rag33
A collection of mods for Skyrim, compiled by Don't Make Lemonade!
The Cat and Chris Mega Skyrim Pack
Collection by: Tony Abbott
This is a pretty awesome thing
Collection by: JpDeathBlade
The mods that I use while playing Skyrim.
Lord Auxtrilion's Domain
Collection by: Auxtrilion
The best and coolest mods in the realm.
A Beautiful Skyrim World
Collection by: Tightfisted
This is a collection of my favorite Skyrim graphical mods, this includes the Space-Core mod aswell! Leave a comment belive for mods that should be added.
jdorush collection
Collection by: Pengu
for my friends.
New Skyrim
Collection by: muppinator
This collection gives you a new experience in Skyrim. I combines both fun and challenging mods that should make for either a good, hard, or mixture of the two.
My Mods
Collection by: Bastard Man
Greys collection
Collection by: Greycrescent
Kiefer's Subscribed Mods
Collection by: Kief
my subscribed improvement mods
Maple's Mod List
Collection by: Dr. Maple
A collection of mods that I use for an optimal Skyrim experience. Requires Dawnguard.
Collection by: nathan_b
Collection by: [wonderfail]
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