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Dalty's Comix masacer!
Collection by: Athos
Infected in L4D2
Collection by: st-MK
Best Infected mods for Left 4 Dead 2 found in Workshop.
Collection by: Zoombie(Xmas cheer)
Murica' needs no description. Detail is for commies, and smart people
Conflict - X
Collection by: Samoel Colt
В ноябре 2015 года лихорадка «Эбола» охватила 1/3 население земли, был введен экспериментальный препарат от этой болезни «LUX», она подавляла в...
My colection
Collection by: Dominos Pizza 1700-70-70-70
L4D2 Addons PorcineT (^@^)
Collection by: PorcineT (^@^) ♂ ♋ ♀
Super Fabulous Neo-Retro VHS Thingy-Dingy
Collection by: Placebo Horse
A collection of weapons, skins, particles, et cetera that will give your game a sort of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon look.
Collection by: 레바
제가 쓰는 애드온입니다. 그냥 구경만 하셔도 되욤~
Lel 2
Collection by: Mekrani
Adam's collection
Collection by: Christmas Adam!!!
Touch my butt
Doshirak&co's collection
Collection by: [Alt+F4]DoшиpakM@N v1.8
This one changes pretty everything in left 4 dead 2(new specials(skins'n sounds), new weapons(same thing), some hd textures and other stuff) P.S. don't hurry to play instantly after you load L4D, let the addons load(it will take 1-5 mins)
Left 4 Dead 2025
Collection by: Peak
Adds futuristic weapons and skins for that "futuristic" feel. Enjoy!
Tool shed
Collection by: tnutt13
The Fun Collection
Collection by: Adobe Photoshop
A collection that has fun add-ons for your game!
Mods que molan, coño!
Collection by: therekirek
Molan porque esta chuck norris
Collection by: Wollf19
The Hillrop Collection
Collection by: HILLROP
All of my favorite addons in the world
my stuff
Collection by: supaginge
a bunch of things i use
Collection by: 후이주이
Collection by: Separatist
Infected mods
Collection by: Sayaka The Tyrannical
dead stuff
Collection by: Rigam0rti5
stuff i use
Brutal Mod Pack
Collection by: CucuMester
This is my apocalypse! This pack is the best for me. It's my style. EPIC! Try this! :)
Anzoranian Network Left 4 Dead Collection
Collection by: [AN]Satheindor
This is the collection of mods that Sath, from Anzoranian Network, uses.
Весёлый пак впрочем
Collection by: VurfY
My L4D2 Mods
Collection by: First Person Gaming
My mixup of mods :D
My L4D2 Addons
Collection by: Daniel MCH
Just the Addons I'm subscribed to. Not much more to say.
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