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Stupid Left 4 Dead
Collection by TheSaki YT ㋛
Gilboron's Mod Collection
Collection by Gilboron
These are the mods I use. Or something. The items in this collection are only mods uploaded to the Steam Workshop that I use unedited! I also use these following mods: Weapon mods, with sounds removed: - ACOG LAM M249 (http://www.l4dmaps.com/details....
Nagrywkowy Rozpierdol
Collection by The Suspect
To jest rozpierdol totalny
The inside gaming collection By 'De M0 555'
Collection by De M0 555
I made this wonderfull collection for the fine folks at inside gaming to have fun with playing left for dead 2. Bruces beard, Makes me cri evreytim.
Lan Party Collection
Collection by Shade32
Left 4 Silly
Collection by Lemon Wedge
(Many of these mods WILL conflict with each other if you subscribe to them all. Check and uncheck these in your L4D2 addons menu to your liking so they don't conflict.) This is just a random sample pack of mods that make Left 4 Dead 2 a little...less s...
The Dukes!
Collection by [TD] Rowlboy
Mastermans installed mods
Collection by Masterman
This collection is al the mods i have installed on to my Left 4 Dead 2. (Greatest game of all time) I do up date this guys so don't wore about feeling like its out of date.
Can you see what I see?
Collection by Cogger
A collection for my friends and I so we see the same things.
KABOOOOOM's Fun Collection
Collection by KABOOOOOM
It's fun.
Bill-X's Hotdog slap pack
Collection by Bill-X
If you need your dog slapped, this pack is for you.
Char Chars Wombo Jumbo Pack
Collection by SuperTurtle
This is the greatest collection of all time! May Contain a tad bit of kush daddy juice.
Collection by CrazyTrain
For the greater good.
bubscast Let's Play
Collection by Demonic King of Diddling
This collection contains only mods that are featured in bubscast Let's Plays of Left 4 Dead 2.
The L4D2 Swag-Pack
Collection by #teammuhammed
All the swag you need to kill zombies in style.
My left4Dead pack
Collection by The Communist Lobster
this is honestly just for my personal use, but you can download it if ya want
Ultimate Workshop Collection [HD]
Collection by XeRo[Kin]
WARNING: This is a very large collection! This collection will change almost every aspect of Left 4 Dead 2 with some of the best workshop addons all working together, without crashing.* It is not recommended to run other mods as only those listed h...
Collection by Poopenmeir - чики-брики
Xiverinos collectiones
Collection by Xivrz
Collection by Lunchables
we are the kool kids in school so dont mess with us
VenturianTale Ultimate Collection!
Collection by fangfangirl88
A collection of amazing addons that would make the VenturianTale cast fangirl to death (Including Jordan and Isaac)! It's just THAT amazing! Also, this might be the first VT item on the L4D2 workshop. If so, cool! If not, even cooler!
My l4d2 Collection 2
Collection by Paul
my mods
Collection by E1337N00B
cat cat cat
Collection by french montana
cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet
uber and friend pack
Collection by Commander Pony
shit for you guys
My L4D2 addons
Collection by Pvt.Ryan12
If ur interested
Collection by Maherblast
Real Kool
Collection by MoBiUs231
Things that make the game better in my opinion.
Collection by MangroveStew
Just various L4D mods
Dezibels collection of L4D2!
Collection by Dezi the Warwolf
The collection of the one and the only LPDezibel from youtube!
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