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Left 4 dead
Collection by: Joseeeh :3
My first collection. Dunno anything about it.
Left 4 Dead Ultimate 5000HD Super-Sonic Laser Attracted Hydrophonic Tractor Beam v.2
Collection by: Mowgräs
Hej Jonas!
Lipton mods
Collection by: JackFire
Несколько модов для удобства игры
Left 4 Dead 2 Gamenight
Collection by: The Legendtaker
Game Night
Collection by: look at Dirac on her
Kevin and Kyle get these!!!
Collection by: A1waZ
Blake3223's list for friends
Collection by: Blake3223
Maps i Like
Collection by: PK Freeze
Pixel Pack
Collection by: Pixel Katana
Collection by: Veliz The Alrighty
TheHateMale's batch of L4D 2 maps
Collection by: TheHateMale
Maps that I have played and like
Dr Ellis's Goody Bag
Collection by: (-=Dr Ellis=-)
This is the growing pile of addons I have collected for L4D2. Most of these are top notch add ons that actually add to the game.. others are just fun eye candy kind of stuff.. Enjoy
Collection by: Koa Pono
LFD2 Epicness
Collection by: IIIsicknessIII
Cool azz shit for LFD2
Randomguy7's stuff
Collection by: Randomguy7
for me and my friends to play together
Collection by: UncleDrew
Left 4 Dead 2 Maps
Collection by: Mr.PugsAlot
All the Fun Maps
Maps and Campaigns
Collection by: Ekztul
My personal collection of additional maps and campaigns.
Mapas 1
Collection by: Asariel
Pack de mapas creado para mis amistadoes con contenido no original mio.
This is for my friends.
Collection by: Danky Doodler
This is a list of items for my friends to download. Disclaimer: Note i did not create or own these item. Please do not claim i am plagiarizing for the love of pickles forth defranco.
L4D2 Stuff - LetsPlayTheWorldTV
Collection by: VanÇliff
Just skins and mods.
Collection for my friends
Collection by: 死「kik4444」宇宙
Collection for my friends
L4D2 dotRAVEN mappack
Collection by: .Raven
My Addons
Collection by: bekkahxbaybee
Download These
Collection by: Ant71598
Best Mods Ive Found So Far
The Campaigns I Play
Collection by: {ZULU} DerpandHerp
L4D addons
Collection by: D0MiN0
umm yeah things where i like for L4D and L4D2 go here *
Banzaii's mod pack :)
Collection by: Blind
Paczka modów do gry Left 4 Dead 2
L4D - M,M&F pack
Collection by: WhiteShadow
Collection by: WhiteShadow
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