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Uncommon Survivor Pack
Collection by: pappaskurtz
The Uncommon survivor pack for the L4D2 survivors features the cast in outfits based off the uncommon infected from Dead Center, The Passing, Hard Rain, and Swamp Fever.
Left 4 Awesome
Collection by: Tlim
For a better Look
Collection by: Doktor von Hinten
Just for a better Look....
survivor and infect skins
Collection by: komando
survivor and infect skins
The Fetus Experience
Collection by: Mecha-Fetus
Basically, a collection of all the shit that I use in l4d.
Collection by: Marakus
What is this, you may ask? Only the most ultra-realistic set-up for a game you have ever seen. Just like in real life; Hitler will jump on top of you if he gets the chance, Darth vader will fuck up your shit while screaming at you, and Witchney Housto...
Good Stuff for a Good Game
Collection by: Mmarksp
A collection of my personal taste. I'll add things that I have enjoyed and that I like. I check if they work and I hope people will try out these maps and mods, that I have given my recommendation! Note that these things don't necessarily work together...
My Addons
Collection by: One-Man Cheeseburger Apocalypse
All the addons I use for l4d2.
HD Collection
Collection by: Brockus Cyclopicus
Private HD collection
Collection by: Caneda
Spicy's L4D2 Collection (FYI You'll hate it)
Collection by: Spicy Internets
Jewels' l4d experience
Collection by: Jewels
How I play my l4d2 :)
Collection by: FrozenNinja
For us. k.
Reaper's Textures and Maps
Collection by: Reaper
Some of my favorite Textures and Maps.
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: One-Man Cheeseburger Apocalypse
Collection by: Emnesty
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