Left 4 Dead 2
Your own custom apocalypse
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Containing item: "Informal Skyboxes"
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Stuff for a more 'cinematic' experience.
Collection by: sdpad22
This collection contains a list of modifications from various modders which will (probably) enhance your experience with the game.
My Favorite
Collection by: AndrewRi [RUS]
Left 4 Dead 2 Real HD
Collection by: XMatepoX
Español / Spanish -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colección creada para los usuarios que buscan un Left 4 Dead 2 con texturas HD, se ira actualizando la colección si veo que salen más addons H...
WASP Inc. Content
Collection by: Zehtuka
The stuff you need to play on our community server.
Collection by: Ms. Miss
The mods I've subscribed to.
Definitely not l4d
Collection by: [LG] Gillean Tiobaid
Mods used by Inside Gaming and other to make the game more random.
Epic HD / Realism and Graphic Overhauls
Collection by: JetBlack Burner
This Collection includes all add-ons that are Conflict-Free with each other with High Definition and Graphics Over-haul as well as replacements for characters, weapons, special zombies and special zombies. Add-ons may conflict with non-listed items. so al...
Collection by: СЫЧEZi
Werewolf's Apocalypse
Collection by: WerewolfNightmare101
Here is my (WerewolfNightmare101) collection on how I see Left 4 Dead 2, with addons to suit the game instead of taking it a more realistic way. This is a collection for skins, sounds and many more, if you wanna download them, go ahead and have fun! :) ...
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