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Halloween Horror 2013
Collection by Gadget
Halloween themed items that were created in 2013.
Browy's halloween 2012 bundle
Collection by Browy :> @Sicklad#GetRektangl'd
Hi, im browy, and i am NOT the guy that makes things for TF2, but i am the person that puts it all together in bundles and collections. :D Browy's collection, has the best halloween 2012 items considered for use in TF2! Recomended FOR YOU -> ...
Halloween 2013
Collection by /(Weber)\ Floyd
A collection of items for Night of the Living 3/Halloween 2013. Of course more will be added!
Hand Picked Sniper Goods
Collection by bazsowicz
Another Damn Collection
Collection by [4-CG]Highsman13
It is a collection.
Elite Assortment
Collection by Flash
A collection of the best items to expand any fighter's arsenal. Are you ready to compete with the Elite?
Collection by ღLuiღ You made my life a song
Sniper creations made by players that should be made into tf2 in my own ideal opinion.
LA collezione
Collection by DonaBros.
scegliete quel che volete!
Awesome Weapons
Collection by JigglePhysics
Awesome weapons that I would LOVE to be added to TF2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3
cool stuff
Collection by EVERTOXIK
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