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My Favorite Submissions
Collection by Lynx
I just made this because I was bored. These are my favorite items on the TF2 workshop.
Most wanted items to make it into TF2
Collection by Kusa
Some of my favorite Items in the workshop that will hopefully make it into TF2
The Medis
Collection by _The Governor_
Collection by ♫♥Aunix Frost Witch♥♫
Collection by Albinoxic
TF2 Stuff.
Collection by Marty
tf2 stuf
First Collection
Collection by lrebodos
Why should I describe it? Let it describe itself.
Collection by Shanghai Shaun
I give anyone a challenge to hex these items for Gmod, send any of em to me when your done!
Collection by [CB] Biker scoutilcous
shoosh now.
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