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Bluehinter's Unsolicited Enlargement Pack
Collection by: Blue Hinter
This collection of brand new items and abilities may be starting small, but will soon grow to massive proportions, or your money back! Completed additions: DRAMA QUEEN (Rogue ability) BOWIEMANCY (Wizard ability) MONSTROUS MEGA PACK (A brand new un...
Kaidelong's "Best Stuff" Collection
Collection by: Kaidelong
This was originally a bit of a parody of Essence's collection, being about the mods that have the least problems as opposed to the ones that add the most content. I cannot however in good conscience put only 5 mods here. These mods are all relatively flaw...
Shardok's More Dredmor Suggestions
Collection by: Shardok ~ Monster Hunter
A variety of more items/more enemies/more anything mods that don't greatly unbalance things...
Collection by: Holy_Dogelord
my stuff
slightly unstable pack of many mods
Collection by: motoast
Most of the mods for the game. Not balanced or stable but it is a hell of a lot of fun.
tart's choice mods
Collection by: Ed Mariachiband
yes best mods
Collection by: Blackbird
Created due to bugs
Stuff Weaver Is Using Dreadmor
Collection by: Weaver
It's ... stuff... that I like
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