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Bluehinter's Unsolicited Enlargement Pack
Collection by Blue Hinter
This collection of brand new items and abilities may be starting small, but will soon grow to massive proportions, or your money back! Completed additions: DRAMA QUEEN (Rogue ability) BOWIEMANCY (Wizard ability) MONSTROUS MEGA PACK (A brand new un...
Kaidelong's "Best Stuff" Collection
Collection by Kaidelong
This was originally a bit of a parody of Essence's collection, being about the mods that have the least problems as opposed to the ones that add the most content. I cannot however in good conscience put only 5 mods here. These mods are all relatively flaw...
Shardok's More Dredmor Suggestions
Collection by Shardok
A variety of more items/more enemies/more anything mods that don't greatly unbalance things...
Collection by Holy_Dogelord
my stuff
slightly unstable pack of many mods
Collection by motoast
Most of the mods for the game. Not balanced or stable but it is a hell of a lot of fun.
tart's choice mods
Collection by Ed Punkband
yes best mods
Collection by Blackbird
Created due to bugs
Stuff Weaver Is Using Dreadmor
Collection by Weaver
It's ... stuff... that I like
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