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Collection by: Gedemon
R.E.D. WWII Edition and R.E.D. WWII Data Files can't be used separatly. Those mods are a total Conversion Wargame, featuring multiple WWII scenarios with hundreds of units. Troubleshooting, feedback, bug reports & detailled informations ============...
PC Gamer's recommended mods
Collection by: PCG|Tyler
PC Gamer's recommended Civ V mods.
/r/civ's recommended mods!
Collection by: Matt Damon
These mods are recommended by the /r/civ community, and improve the game, without altering the core mechanics. This collection requires Gods & Kings.
Mod Compilation for Civ V BNW
Collection by: Ghandi the Salt-Bringer
A compilation of some of the best mods that I use for my game. All credit goes to the creators, as they are the ones who give us such amazing creations :) This collection of mods all work together, and forms an expanded game of new civs, gameplay featu...
Civ V G+K - Realism, features, UI and engrossing gameplay set
Collection by: Domush
If you are a hardcore Civ V fan and like to play as though you are making history rather than replaying it, this is the collection for you. Makes the stock Civ experience seem downright mundane. Be careful adding mods beyond this collection, as ...
Best Civ 5 Mods
Collection by: AwesomeSuperStableGuy
These are the mods i play with. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Revolutions mod doesn't show you when your people are unhappy and it can get annoying, so you may wanna skip that one. ------------------------...
Civilization Mod Pack - Annoyance Fixes
Collection by: Cock Sock
Just a bunch of mods that make the game a little better, no total conversions or anything like that.
Collection by: Katana
All these mods can be combined to a DLC so they can be played Singleplayer with achievements and also Multiplayer. see for instructions how to make your own DLC. BNW is required to play.
Realistic Gameplay/Graphics mods
Collection by: Jelmpje
Did you ever wanted more religions? Does the same music annoy you? Do you want to control your city state ally's units? Do you want a game with more functions? If you answer yes to every thing, This is a Mod Collection for you It adds some mods to y...
Gunpowder Units
Collection by: Acehart
New Gunpowder Units from infantry to tanks, airplanes, ships, helicopeter, etc...
Best Gameplay Improvement Mods
Collection by: MeTHID
Here are a bunch of mods that, in my opinion, add significant depth to the overall gameplay and add to replay value. All mods in this collection are compatible with each other as of the publish date.
Civ5 BNW Mods Collection
Collection by: CleverAdvisor
My current set up for BNW. Make sure to delete the UI folder in the Corporations Mod folder or you will get diplomacy errors. Also City State Dimplomacy updated so it's not compatable with CIV4 diplomacy mod. You need to use this link for the mod http://f...
Civ Enhanced v1
Collection by: Kyran
Collection of different mods adding new gameplay, controls, wonders, buildings, civilizations and many other things!
BigDamn CivCollection
Collection by: BigDamnHero
A collection of Civ 5 mods that I think add more realism and --I hate to use the word-- immersion to the game.
World War II Mod Pack
Collection by: Emperor Penguin
Choose either R.E.D., or R.E.D. Xtreme when installing the mods in-game. Be aware that R.E.D. Xtreme requires the regular R.E.D. mod to function.
For an interesting game
Collection by: Jedisid
Коллеция представляет собой набор разных модификаций, для более интересной игры. Модификации в коллекции не конфликтуют между собой - пров...
Civ 5 Stuff
Collection by: Wild Bill
fredricks meow
Collection by: Fredrick
Modern Earth Template Endorsed Mods
Collection by: buddha2723
Improve your options, replayability and fun with mods I've tested and enjoy!
Buttonmasher3's Giant Collection of Mods From All Around the Workshop for Civ V
Collection by: Buttonmasher3
Collection of all the cool mods i have found. For BNW. Includes many small changes, big changes, slight additions, buffs, etc. Some items may clash (for instance: really advanced setup and civ IV diplo). not all of them are for multiplayer. comb through t...
Civ 5 - Units
Collection by: lil_meow
Sub-category for Units/Unit fixes.
Collection by: Fweezy
Piscaso's Mods
Collection by: Piscaso
So I wanted my brother to have all my mods so I made this collection so it could be easier. ENJOY THE AMAZING MODS
Beast Pack
Collection by: Citrus
Swag. The way the game is meant to swag. This does not make the game unbalanced, too easy or too hard. Delete all your mods, and just subscribe to this collection. Updated frequently with compatable mods. Enjoy!
Collection by: Panictime
KK-BNW Collection
Collection by: kongkim
My Privat BNW Collection of mods i use my self.
Best Mods out there
Collection by: The A-Man
Here are , in my opinion, the best mods I found while browsing for hours out there on the endless pages and tons of mods!
Collection by: ShortCake
These are a collection of MODs that I've played with BNW (inc all the DLC) that I use to play the map by Gedemon as one of the CIVs. Enjoy!
[G&K]Les mods incontournables
Collection by: Turambar
Des utilitaires, mods d'interface, cartes et mods d'ajout de contenus incontournables. UNIQUEMENT POUR G&K.
Collection by: Kraken98
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