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Maps, Scenarios, Interface, and so much more. Explore the modding world of Civ V, and when you’re ready, download the SDK to create and upload your own.
Containing item: "Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack"
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PC Gamer's recommended mods
Collection by: PCG|Tyler
PC Gamer's recommended Civ V mods.
YnAEMP collection
Collection by: Gedemon
A collection of mods to use with Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack.
World Map - All Civs
Collection by: Sakkak
Cookie's fixes & improvements to Civ5 BNW
Collection by: Cookie_Magic
-fix and improvement to Civ5 Brave New World -fix and improvement to TSL Giant Earth Map
Best Civ 5 Mods
Collection by: ★ㄋàťŠĥīťĄńďǐê☆
These are the mods i play with. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Revolutions mod doesn't show you when your people are unhappy and it can get annoying, so you may wanna skip that one. ------------------------...
The Wondrous Worlds Collection!
Collection by: StinkyCyka
A wondrous collection of new worlds and maps to play on for Civ V, all for you to conquer! Whether you prefer historic battlegrounds or otherworldy realms from other famous video games, this map collection has everything you need to build a civilization...
Best Mods out there
Collection by: The H-Man
Here are , in my opinion, the best mods I found while browsing for hours out there on the endless pages and tons of mods!
Mods that work well together
Collection by: 10Snipershot
Mods that i use in a 22 civ world map...i made this because the game keeps deleting my mods when i restart it and so i can just download them all at once...
Collection by: Kraken98
Civ mods
Collection by: Мешок цемента
Collection by: brass4013
For friends to download the same mods as me
Enhanced Civilization 5
Collection by: Hoop Snog
Civ 5 Mods
Collection by: Chairman Wang
Here lies civ 5 mods that may work
Civ 5 - Maps & Scenarios
Collection by: lil_meow
Sub-category of maps, & scenarios.
Modsammlung für Civilization 5
Collection by: Moofrog
Verschiedene von PC Gamer empfohlene Mods und selbst entdeckte. Lose Zusammenstellung. ]Nicht alle funktionieren gemeinsam. Und es ist unsortiert. Für persönliche Nutzung gedacht. Keine Spaßgaranti...
The Stryker Collection
Collection by: canielsen
The STRYKER Collection
Leon's Mods
Collection by: methodicaltruth
Collection by: [+]darR3Ke
rougerobber mod collection
Collection by: Rouge Robber
mods I use
Anurindark's Collection
Collection by: AnurinDark
Mod Pack
Collection by: brass4013
My modpack.
Keith's Collection
Collection by: Eggy
This is not for you
Collection by: Dan
Why are you reading this?
Friends 2
Collection by: brass4013
for people to download
Civ 5 I
Collection by: edwardbarrettz
Civ 5 mods and tweaks... PANCAAAKES :P
fun games
Collection by: Mindoverbody23
Imp's Civilization V historical collection
Collection by: imp
Add 'em all for maximum fun.
Civ 5 Multiplayer Essentials
Collection by: Porter Justice
Just a workshop collection for my friends!
My Civ
Collection by: LORDJESSIAH _ssdd_
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Collection by: ex.nihilo
Just mods that I found and liked...using civ v & GnK expansion;
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