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/r/civ mod collection (WIP)
Collection by: ❤Ordinary_Days❤
List of mods I found on a /r/civ thread on reddit. Made this collection do that you could download all the mods in one place.
Civ 5 - Leaders, Civilizations & Religions.
Collection by: m30w
Sub-category for popular Civilizations, Leaders, & Religions.
Collection by: ken-lebel
My Fav
Fun in civ 5 bnw
Collection by: The perverted chibi
Fun in civ5 bnw
Collection by: The perverted chibi
Personal select of mods
Fun in Civ5
Collection by: The perverted chibi
My Fav Mods
Collection by: Someone
Joseph's CIV5 Experience
Collection by: Joseph I
This collection I have put together from many modders is a wonderful blend. I play in BNW with all these and so far no crashes or gliches. If you enjoy a long playing game as I do. I recommend the ironman mode with 2 years per turn. I have added lots of b...
Tonx's Mod Collection
Collection by: Tonx
This is just a collection of mods i use so my friend can try them out. Some arent entirely balanced but i like it myself.
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