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SYG11's Greenlight
Collection by YellowYoshiGaming
The Games That I (and maybe my friends) Want to be a Steam game!
Игры которые мне понравились
Collection by Atatyan Koratilevich
awsome collection
Collection by asaltychip
My Desura Games I Want On Steam
Collection by lewellyn
These are my games which I own on Desura and really really want to instead have on Steam. Please vote for them so I can stop using Desura! :)
Sicilium's Favorite Grinlite
Collection by SargeAnt
The collection of all the interesting and unusual game in my opinion - this pixelated graphics, and platformers of old and new styles, and diverse horror - from the classic to the rather unusual, there are simulations of survival .... a lot of things. All
My collection
Collection by chris1771
Manga fan
Collection by iRasetsu
These are the games i like the best and no one can change my opinion!
Top 5 Greenlight Games
Collection by John_Bigless CZ/ENG
The Five Games That I Most Like
Spil Greenlight
Collection by DarkLuke
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