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Collection by babybakchoy
Collection 1
Collection by IronDefender
Games I like.
Collection by bryan_theking_05
Elsword greenligth
Favorite Games
Collection by Roya
A collection of my Favorite past/Present games that I want to share
Collection by AznSpirit
My collection
Collection by Deiser
Just a list of my faves
My Favourite Games
Collection by Rosewater
Just a collection of games that I really like. :)
Games that are Fun
Collection by Battle Corgi
my world
Collection by jereme100
my world
Collection by jereme100
Awesome games to play :D
Collection by Pancakes
Yeah most probably that you can tell from my list of games is that I'm a casual gamer. But the games that I usually enjoy playing are anime style, point and click and some more that I can't think off the top of my head. Science Girls is basically a anime v
Interesting Games
Collection by Deatux
Just some games id like to try out if ever possible :P
Matt's Collection
Collection by ForgedGhost
Just a collection of what I am interested in.
All the wants
Collection by bagszi
games i want in steam
Cool games :D
Collection by Fuwafuwaru
Collection by bakayona
this is my collections >:C
Take Care
Collection by fadedlikeerase
Started from the bottom.
Collection by DragonLord53
fun games XP
Collection by dleogh1280
Collection of fun games :D
Favourite Game(s)!
Collection by Rickle Pick
Favourite games!
Greenlight Collection
Collection by BloodRedSnow
Collection by Smokey McBongwater
Just games
The Awesome game list
Collection by dimka
It's just that awesome.
Games I Like
Collection by Warchamp7
A collection of all the games I find interesting or fun
Collection by Getkillalot
stuff that i like or i might want to play
Collection by Smokey McBongwater
Games I want k
Collection by Lucky Chloe's Panties
Games I want k
Game I would bang
Collection by Kushiize
Game that I would Def! play or like to have on steam
Fav games.
Collection by TheWing235
My fav games that intrest me.
Ultimate Green light Favorites.
Collection by Third
This collection brings games that I'd like to enjoy further and wish to be on steam!
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