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Promising 'Non JRPG' RPG games
Collection by Lomi
Saucy's List of 'Simulation' Games That He Finds Most Exciting
Collection by [Real Crumbs] Saucy
These are games I found within 'Simulation' that I am most excited about.
Personal faves
Collection by Herbal Remedy
Greenlight favorites list
Collection by MasterPlum
Cool anime games
Collection by mimi_s_199
I from Bulgaria. This is my favourite games!^^
My Greenlight Picks
Collection by NRFBToyStore
Just some items that I feel deserve a chance and that I want to keep up on progress.
Kamikatze's Greenlight Picks
Collection by Major_Groove
Some Greenlight Games I find interesting.
Collection by lesterl
Time´s running, VOTE !
Collection by lupin
Best of all vote befor it´s too late
Friendly Favorites
Collection by Mad Merv
Games picked are only those with potential to possess true awesomeness. All games in this collection have some element of collaboration, and encourage cooperation through game-type, social features or team work. Most sports games excluded. All genres and
King Toko's Best of The Best Greenlights
Collection by Toko
The King Toko's Best of The Best Greenlights collection highlights all the games that I have helped get Greenlighted on Steam. I will be adding more games to the collection as more become Greenlighted. Why look through all the bad games when I can do if
Collection by Sir Davide Raya
soy fan de stratergy and simulation games
town/city building games
Collection by IAMNOOB
My favorite genre
Favourite Game(s)!
Collection by CORGEH
Favourite games!
Interesting Games
Collection by Deatux
Just some games id like to try out if ever possible :P
Games to get!
Collection by Tyy
Cool looking Games!
Best games you will ever play,legit!!
Collection by mikey_d_48
Collection by Rogue Roxy
Survival Sandbox
Collection by DreamingWarrior
Since I was young I have loved virtual world games. I cut my teeth on Daggerfall, played Ultima Online and SWG for years, but it always seemed like there was a void to be filled. Fortunately there are lots of up and coming games. Some in alpha, some ea
Greenlight Collection
Collection by ajester
Remakes of old games with better graphics.
Collection by Kyle Mallory
things I like
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