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Containing item: "HIVESWAP: ACT 1"
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Game Collected
Collection by Arzola
Games that stand out from the rest, by having promising gameplay mechanics, outstanding sountrack and visuals or a very well put together overall concept. Overall, great games that people usually missed among the endless ocean that is Greenlight. There
Patchy's Favourites
Collection by Patchy
Games on Greenlight that I find interesting.
Collection by A.Wнιтe Gнosт
Maybe some interesting games...
The Goods of Greenlight (#GoodLight)
Collection by Mellow_Online1
This collection is linked with this group: Here, I will showcase the Greenlight titles that deserve to get onto Steam and dserves to get voted up.
Linux Only
Collection by JimDeadlock
My top Greenlight picks for Linux. Adventure/puzzlers preferred but not exclusive.
Collection by June
These are some sexy games. Greenlight Bluelight them now, Valve!
Games that I want to come out.
Collection by GardeD0g
One day I was looking at my games and I wanted to play something but I played and won everyone (But not TF2) so I look through the green light and I saw these games and they looked like some thing that I would love to play and come back too. So help me
Collection by sudess
Just some games. Not mine.
Collection by λ Burnt Toast λ
Here i'll be storing all the hiveswap acts that will come out for easy access
Collection by David_ST
Good games for neat fellows
Collection by The_Mailman113
Collection by Kaiju The Ethereal
Games that need to come to steem
jogos fodoes
Collection by Eregon51
Collection by Robotmoxie
i just wanna keep the games i'm excited about in one place tbh
cosas chidas
Collection by nekoraions
cosas que me parecen chidas :v
greenlit games
Collection by Ibuki_Mioda_Waifu
games that have been greenlit but not yet released
Hype Games
Collection by Wario
This is a list of games that are HYPE! Weather its for their releases or just updates for these games.
Collection by Nokel
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