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Patchy's Favourites
Collection by Patchy
Games on Greenlight that I find interesting.
Collection by A.Wнιтᴇ Gнosт
Maybe some interesting games...
Linux Only
Collection by JimDeadlock
My top Greenlight picks for Linux. Adventure/puzzlers preferred but not exclusive.
The Goods of Greenlight (#GoodLight)
Collection by Mellow_Online1
This collection is linked with this group: Here, I will showcase the Greenlight titles that deserve to get onto Steam and dserves to get voted up.
Collection by Bunpt Tost
Here i'll be storing all the hiveswap acts that will come out for easy access
Collection by tris
These are some sexy games. Greenlight Bluelight them now, Valve!
Collection by RackerH897
Collection by Sudess
Just some games. Not mine.
Games that I want to come out.
Collection by GardeD0g
One day I was looking at my games and I wanted to play something but I played and won everyone (But not TF2) so I look through the green light and I saw these games and they looked like some thing that I would love to play and come back too. So help me
Collection by David_ST
Remember to buy/ask
Collection by fjcute
Collection by Cum Dumpster
Games that need to come to steem
Good games for neat fellows
Collection by The_Mailman113
cosas chidas
Collection by nekoraions
cosas que me parecen chidas :v
Collection by Robotmoxie
i just wanna keep the games i'm excited about in one place tbh
jogos fodoes
Collection by Eregon51 2 0 0 % P U T A Ç O
greenlit games
Collection by Ibuki_Mioda_Waifu
games that have been greenlit but not yet released
Collection by Nokel
Hype Games
Collection by Liam
This is a list of games that are HYPE! Weather its for their releases or just updates for these games.
Collection by Beldite
Collection by leilanelovelola
Games I'm interested in.
Collection by Mich-Ellie
This is just a collection of games that I have taken interest in and are in hopes of obtaining when they are released! I hope that I will have fun playing these games when they are released! :3
Cool Games
Collection by Strangely Magical Kitten
I just want to play greenlight games, man
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