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IndieDB Greenlight Collection
Collection by IndieDB
The most unique and interesting indie games hand picked by the staff of IndieDB!
League of extraordinary Games
Collection by ☠✠☩ Mr.Nekator ☩✠☠
A collection of (hopefully) formidable, upcoming games from the strategy/RPG/(Action)-adventure section. -------------------------------------- due to the now easier way to add games this collection should always be more or less at an up to date leve
Proyectos prometedores
Collection by Tau
Colección de proyectos anunciados en Greenlight que pintan muy bien.
The Designer (editor)
Collection by OGT| omarc44
Games with level editor or character creation, design, games that you can edit or make things by your own
Greenlight™ Must Have!
Collection by NoV4CoRpS
Collection by 🎮💕YamyyYamyy🏳️‍🌈
The list of games that I approve in GREENLIGHT!
Real Life Simualtions
Collection by WoolyBug
Simulations/mods that simulate real life, physics or behaviour. For those who want their games to be as real as possible, here is my selection of those games or mods that do so.
Rare gems
Collection by lagis
Greenlight is full of crap. Here are the rare gems I have managed to find so far.
Recommended Games
Collection by Dr. Unpleasant
Games on Greelight that I find to be very promising and interesting I have playtested or researched these games and would highly recommend them to others. To date, my favorite game on here is Stonehearth, with a promising design, great devs, a suppor
jeux prometteur à surveiller/promising video games to watch
Collection by DemonKiller
Good Games
Collection by gordoboots
Juegos que me interesan por su género o su potencial. / Games that interest me because of their gender or their potential.
Pewidepie Minecraft Full Version
Collection by ₳☆TheHackerPro[ita]☆₳
is for Pewdiepie Enjoy this game is so cool you have to try now
Attican's games he thought were interesting
Collection by Attican
just a bunch of random games i thought were interesting and yes i voted for most of them some are released already and some are greenlit and i missed the chance to vote. also you can recommend to me but i will not try and get a review copy of the game or a
kmyc89's money taker
Collection by kmyc89
I support and buy. Or maybe buy later.
Collection by BrightOmn
Greenlit Games
Collection by djole381
Moja kolekcija odobrenih igara
Greenlight Games
Collection by Aplanna.
This is my first one!
Collection by EgiEggz
espen greenlight collection
Collection by etf
Collection by O'Shovah
Collection by Romagna
Collection by VempirCount
Collection by Robomonster
bla bla BLAH
Collection by wouter.koorn26
juegas que me gustaria jugar
Collection by Dardo
Estos son los juegos que se deberian poder jugar,espero que muchos y juegen,porque lo merecen,su estilo,historia y diseño merecen ser reconocidos
Collection by malakaidapoo
games games games
Collection by Popnimi love Physics
Thumbs Up
Collection by Ʀ乇わ 자유 ☠
Dark Knight
Collection by tariq
Beast Games
Collection by Anus Explodus
Total boss games only
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