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Containing item: "WARMACHINE: Tactics"
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Hardcore Gamer Choice
Collection by: MadMixa81
Небольшая подборка игр от любителя компьютерных и видео развлечений с 25ти летним игровым стажем:)
Game I should get
Collection by: PhuGamer4life
Game in Greenlight that really I should get when it's coming out
Da Collection of Promising Things
Collection by: [OC] A$AP Karsh't Slaughtah
good games
Collection by: Ark
Juegos Linux
Collection by: JoZ3
Juegos con puerto para linux
Collection by: raker99svk
Games I like
Collection by: Majik
games that look good
Games I Like
Collection by: Darth Analyst
Just games I'd enjoy playing
Collection by: jojo la frite
Secret Stash
Collection by: Joeyafw
Up coming Indies
Games that need support (A must look!)
Collection by: Sean bean™
The best and good looking games on the greenlight to-date!! Games what need backing the most! Updates everyday Feel like I've missed a good game? Post in the comments! Listing (Top, Fav that needs putting on the store!) Want me to consider/ play...
tactics games
Collection by: Naughty by Nurture
Greenlight Tracking
Collection by: ANGRY_MOGS
Tracking all sorts of interesting games...
Table Top Games
Collection by: NeinLives
Greenlight must buys
Collection by: TrooperDon
Things I'm already aware of and tracked down to support.
G.L Games
Collection by: bountyhunterstorm
RPGs & TBS +
Collection by: Carlos Marchi
A list of interesting RPGs and Turn Based Strategy games with an odd game that does not fall under the aforementioned here and there. Some visual novels might find their way into this list also...
Il Meglio
Collection by: Ghostwhisper
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