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Javice's Collection
Collection by Javice
My collection of Greenlight games. In other words lots of random stuff!
Future Classics
Collection by IonTichy
New games that are here to stay
awsome games for muther fuckers
Collection by TimoshiiX2
Games That Deserve To Live!
Collection by Erolass
Ma sélec Canard PC
Collection by Lau/Jvbib - ><(((°>
Ma propre sélection parmi la sélection CPC.
Awsome games
Collection by 7H3OF8
Collection by Bbaron99
Games to Back
Collection by spore
Some Games, that might expend your horizon.
Games I am watching
Collection by Asax0
This is a collection of games that I seriously like the look of. I am watching these games to see where they go.
MS Certified Original Works
Collection by MemeScreen |
Original Games I find on Steam Greenlight that I find are deserving recognition, for stepping out of the normal spectrum of game types and showing something unique.
Collection by Dts_2002
cool games
Stuff I want
Collection by Zastavan
my stuff
Collection by frosty flakes
My Stuff
Collection by Fucking Jake brb
my stuff basically
Cool Games
Collection by Bodega
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