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Awesome Frickin' Stuff
Collection by: CptRoxαs
The best frickin games RIGHT HERE! :D
Greenlight I want to play
Collection by: devinshughart
Easy, this is my ongoing list of greenlight games that I want to play. I think there are some cool indie games coming soon
Collection by: H3LLxR4Z3R
This collection is an extesive list of the games that (in my opinion) are the most promising to be great indie titles. I've carefully combed through ALL of the Greenlight games up to 5:44 PM 7 Nov. 2013 and MORE will be added to this collection soon.
Greenlight Favoriten von Endzeitkind
Collection by: Endzeitkind
Eine Kollektion von Greenlight Titeln, die Endzeitkind gerne auf Steam sehen würde! (
Collection by: [CCC]Ichi the Killer
Titles Worth Your Time
Collection by: ProbableEffect
Titles that are totally worth your time. All in one complete Greenlight Guide for the lazy.
Collection by: mosappu
Games that NEED to be on Steam
Collection by: rainbowsnivy
A collection of games which I believe should be put on Steam ASAP.
8 Bit Games
Collection by: Ursumio
An awesome collection of 8 Bit Games on Steam Greenlight.
2d pixel games
Collection by: Cpt. Zamolxe
Coool Games
Collection by: SweetHeart Braum
Quite Interesting Games
Collection by: Osyrhia #18
Just a collection of games that either Appeal or happen to like.
Collection by: DrBlock42
Pixel <!-- In digital imaging, a pixel, or pel, (picture element) is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in a display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen. The add...
An Interesting Mix
Collection by: wssmith04
This collection is interesting because the games themselves are interesting. Or, at least, I find them interesting and want to see them developed further.
op games
Collection by: Cb4ss
opopopopop games FTW!
Greenlight games
Collection by: Brentrow
green light games.
Hum, interesting..
Collection by: schulleck
Interesting concepts.
Collection by: Stabler Blade
Collection by: jeffmejones
The "I want this fucking game" Collection
Collection by: RawkBandMan
I want these fucking games, Goddamn I want these games. Also Snoop Dogg. Yiss.
Romejanic Approved
Collection by: Romejanic
This is a collection of Steam Greenlight games that are Romejanic approved!
Pixel Perfect
Collection by: rationale
Pixel Perfect is a collection of retro-style games on Steam Greenlight that, hopefully, will all make it through the voting process.
B of S
Collection by: Scarathias
Ultimate Novelty
Collection by: StarmanUltra
This collection is filled with games that I must have, not just because its fun but rather because its very Iconic, such as showing off a very Iconic company or person. **Please note that i do not own any of these games!
awesome casual games
Collection by: NINJA POWER FORCE!
Collection by: Aeroth_Anarchy
Collection by: Jalmain
My Greenlight
Collection by: ARQCARLOOS
Collection by: [InUrF8ce] Lock2002
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