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Collection by negrospiritualvibes
Game For Greenlight
Collection by VeTeRo4ek
Понравившиеся мне игры в GreenLight
Potentiel GOTY
Collection by n o o k 1 e_-
Mes choix sur des futur jeux qui me botte. "Si t'aimes pas, t'achètes pas et puis c'est tout"
Zeromus47's Favorite Greenlight Games
Collection by zeromus47
The Best Ones
Collection by Jason Eller
The Best of The Best
Good Games
Collection by Arathok
Games That Deserve To Live!
Collection by Erolass
mah favorite greenlight games
Collection by Coolest Cat Alive
The games I want to see on steam.
Siggi's Choice.
Collection by Siggi Weihnachtsklotz
These Games were chosen by Siggi Windklotz himself (if this was made by Hafenmeister or Omycron it would be an aweful collection). He thought he could show you which games look good, so that you can vote for them. What are you waiting for, vote for these g
Best games you will ever play,legit!!
Collection by gucciswag705
Great Games
Collection by DarthMurdock
Just some cool indi games from the Greenlite, that has been added or needs to be on steam :)
Collection by Ikit'ikat
Collection by Puff Daddy
Caña Futura
Collection by iTor
Juegos a los que dar caña en un futuro
Game Line-Up
Collection by Zante
A list of games that i find enjoyable to pass the time with.
Greenlight Games!
Collection by Vine
Greenlight Games!
Collection by Nephozz
it's cool
Collection by Fabrício Militão
Apenas simuladores aqui, mesmo não tendo o nome simulator! >:<@
Probly will buy
Collection by stoobygoo
Collection by BattleHQ
Collection by happycarrot50
Greenlit gear!
Ze Best Gaimz
Collection by el marcelo
Collection by Graveyard
Wonders :D
Collection by assult2k
Wonderful games that deserve a chance
En Değerli Oyunlarım
Collection by NEXUYA
En etkileyici bulduğum en sevdiğim oyunlarım burada.
Collection by kubszo
MS Certified Original Works
Collection by MemeScreen
Original Games I find on Steam Greenlight that I find are deserving recognition, for stepping out of the normal spectrum of game types and showing something unique.
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