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I'm so gonna buy it!
Collection by lunchweek
I'm so gonna buy it!
games i'm waiting for
Collection by bigfatreddragonpyro
waiting for them
Games that are cool
Collection by ABlindPoet
Cool stuff for cool people
Scary greenlight games
Collection by Cherbunker
These games deserve to be on steam!
Collection by Volkan Ongun
Games I love to Play
Collection by Studog™
Games I'd love to Play When they Come Out
Awesome :)
Collection by McMinnimizer
Games that look really good :)
Greenlight titles
Collection by Devilyoda
Green light items
Powa Games
Collection by Pochagnole
Games with tremendous potential !
Hardcore Gamer Choice
Collection by MadMixa81
Небольшая подборка игр от любителя компьютерных и видео развлечений с 25ти летним игровым стажем:)
wanna have
Collection by Oswald
Awww Yeah
Collection by Razgriz
Lince Greenlight Selection
Collection by LiNcE-PT
Lince Seal of approval ^^
Games I Like
Collection by EvilGDaddyX2L
These are the greenlight games I am following and like.
Fumferknuckles Fun Collection
Collection by Fumferknuckle
In FFC, you can find anything from scary horror games, to 2D platformers, or even editing software! This collection of games and software will have anything and everything that I think is worth trying!
Greenlight stuff I love
Collection by Velique
Spectacular indie games that say to hell with progress and make something "old" that's great, OR creative, unique, challenging, genuinely new stuff that breaks ground. Or a bit of both, because that is possible.
My favorite?
Collection by mackerel2k8
Games I Am Stalking
Collection by LilMsScareAll
These are games that I feel I absolutely cannot live without, and will campaign for, stalk, and generally drool over until they release on Steam.
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