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Indicações dOMega Mendes !
Collection by Omega
Coleção de jogos de que tenho expectativa que serão muito bons
Collection by sammivez
Games I have funded on Kickstarter
Games I Would like to Beta and probably own
Collection by APadrevics
See the title
Indie/Retro VIdeo Game Showcase Collection
Collection by The Great Shatsby
Indie/Retro Video Game Showcase's very own Greenlight collection! Featuring our very favorite games currently on Steam Greenlight. Go check out the games in this collection, and make you click "Yes."
Collection by LittleBlackRainCloud
Favorites from Greenlight, enjoy!
ArtikChill's Favorites!
Collection by ArtikChill
A collection of my favorite looking greenlight games that I would actually play.
Game I should get
Collection by PhuGamer4life
Game in Greenlight that really I should get when it's coming out
Kamikatze's Greenlight Picks
Collection by Major_Groove
Some Greenlight Games I find interesting.
Relax Games
Collection by EternalPenguin
These are easy games that I can play but not stress over.
Collection by sovenysh
GoodShowSir's Greenlight Collection
Collection by justinleego
Games That Deserve To Live!
Collection by Erolass
Collection by SSJ4 Gogeta
I have no idea whats going on but I love it....everything in this collection looks phenomenal
Collection by dotita ergo sum
Collection by Walak
to buy
My Greenlight Games
Collection by Darth Nekron
Games I thought looked really cool.
Juegos que espero que salgan
Collection by queoriginal
Son solo juegos que llaman mi atención y me interesa mucho que salgan para poder jugarlos!
My Greenlight
Collection by ARQCARLOOS
Collection by TeoLancet
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