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Containing item: "Hammerwatch"
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yes plis
Collection by: Big Mama
elsword is coolz
Neat Finds
Collection by: kidwanderer
Items that I find nifty.
Armaan's Picks
Collection by: armaankhan
This is just the games I'd like to see released on Steam. Just like every other collection.
Greenlight Favorites
Collection by: Sun
Greenlight games
Collection by: Brentrow
green light games.
Best games you will ever play,legit!!
Collection by: mikey_d_48
Pixel Perfect
Collection by: rationale
Pixel Perfect is a collection of retro-style games on Steam Greenlight that, hopefully, will all make it through the voting process.
Dogstar List of Greenlit Games
Collection by: PratzStrike
This is just a sub-collection of games that I've either voted yes for and/or added to my Favorite Greenlight Games collection that have actually made it to Greenlight. Good work, guys!
Collection by: Zaragan
mis cosas
Greenlight Games
Collection by: PokeMC
in progress
Collection by: The_Muscle_Wizard
Collection by: mdimperio07
Collection 1
Collection by: Boomy Beatle
The first volume of Steam Greenlight Collections by Boomy Beatle include Papers, Please and Hammerwatch
Give it a go's
Collection by: Awas
Games that have the potential to be something good.
Collection by: Aeroth_Anarchy
Random RPG's
Collection by: cimerians
awsome games for muther fuckers
Collection by: TimoshiiX2
Collection by: me70503
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