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my greenlight collection
Collection by nahid
Scott seal of approval
Collection by duckols
Games on Greenlight that caught my eye, and that I would love to see approved.
parts one.
Collection by parts
MUGEN Battle Collocation
Collection by Inkling BoyLv50
This for all game collocation for all fighter are true all star classic game and future characters.
Collection by 汚れたパンケーキ
Aurao's Greenlight Collection
Collection by Aurao ビリビリ♪
Games from Steam Greenlight that interest me.
Greenlight stuff
Collection by Lumynah Nexus "Glacial Fire"
name says it all
Games to look forward to
Collection by West
Games that are up and coming that I beleive are gonna be amazing!
Collection by Draco
Good Games
Collection by DeadVZero
These are actual entertaining games.
My fun collection
Collection by yinyin17698
Bringin back the old school
Collection by iShowtime
Just a bunch of games that harken to a old school kind of player. Where you have to play against the enviroment and the clock, and have a good story to boot. One fans
Retro Throwbacks
Collection by buffaloseven
A collection of Greenlight games that hit that nostalgia center while providing deep, modern-day mechanics.
Collection by Syeo D.
Indie Games
Collection by ArthurCross
Geo's Go
Collection by (TXF) Geo Bane
Games i recommend and personally like.
Greenlight Likes
Collection by Starlight Solaris
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