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Collection by: wλr - レガリア
Venez pour découvrir une collection regroupant des nombreux jeux indépendants et très intéressants visibles sur GreenLight -- Come to discover a collection regrouping numerous independent games and very interesting visible on GreenLight !
Jogos que achei interessantes / Games that I found interesting
Collection by: andreiagmu
Jogos que achei interessantes / Games that I found interesting
GL okiniiri
Collection by: Shantotto
Collection by: babybakchoy
Collection by: Opissay
minha lista de jogos para o steam
Aurao's Greenlight Collection
Collection by: Aurao ビリビリ♪
Games from Steam Greenlight that interest me.
Queen Chrysalis Collection
Collection by: TankSquirrel-ITA
Italiano: Questa è la Mia Collezione e vuol dire che questi videogiochi devono arrivare sul Negozio Steam perchè se lo Meritano. English: This is My Collection and means that these games should arrive on the Steam store because if I deserve.
Collection by: itano123
Jou's Humble Collections
Collection by: Karakuri
Just a humble list of growing games that intrigue me that I wish to be on steam
my must-haves
Collection by: [Rekt] ass (in college)
a few games that if they got released on steam i am gonna get FOR SURE
Collection by: 血の雨照らす
Surper Happy Fun Time for PsycheBunny
Collection by: LilyFawna
This is just a collection of games I like. Enjoy~
Yun jay
Collection by: minum1
Beyond the Darkness
Collection by: Maou Sadao
Just a few games i would like to see being greenlit.
My fun collection
Collection by: yinyin17698
Bundled Greenlight titles.
Collection by: Perhapsu
Just titles in various Greenlight bundles that i've bought and organised in a neat manner for myself to keep an eye on.
Arc†ic's GLC
Collection by: Vert (Green Heart)
Collection by: danschram
Dogstar List of Greenlit Games
Collection by: PratzStrike
This is just a sub-collection of games that I've either voted yes for and/or added to my Favorite Greenlight Games collection that have actually made it to Greenlight. Good work, guys!
cute 3d stubby character games i can't live without
Collection by: Rainbowbecca
just read the title.
Games That Look Cool
Collection by: NatsuTheFaol
Games that I think I'd enjoy plaing if they were out.
Games I want to play
Collection by: Dark Larva
Ummmm... games I want to play.
kmyc89's money taker
Collection by: kmyc89
I support and buy. Or maybe buy later.
Collection by: BORLAHD
ВСЕ что мне понравилось И все то за что я могу отдать деньги
Collection by: TinkyWinkyDinky
Collection by: aesopn
What game i like
Collection by: ho-ho-honkers
Games Collection
Collection by: Jinzo64
Tis for Games that look interesting on greenlit.
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