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Collection by AhPook!
Used on the Doomcraft private server
Edmonton Classic Custom Rotation
Collection by SeeGuL
Maps ran on Mostly Classic Cs Maps
Doomsmith To Doom List
Collection by Doomsmith
Collection of custom maps for play with friends.
Collection by phoTon
Ozone CSGO Maps
Collection by Ozone
Ozone's collection of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps.
Colección Canaria by KyO
Collection by KyO
Fleje de mapas... + de 600
Collection by Shock & Awe|Y-.-Y
All CSGO workshop map
CSgods Server Collection
Collection by zunnie
A collection of great maps which are in rotation on our servers. See for details and ip's.
.insatiable. gaming league maps
Collection by »iGame« PepperPotts
Collection for use on the .insatiable. gaming 12 player server. Generally, the maps in this collection will be the currently practiced map for CEVO league.
Collection by 「Lj ツ」
Hockenas Home Server
Collection by hockenas
Maps on my private server, right now.
Collection by Jarzka
All maps from Operation Payback, Bravo, Breakout and Vanguard
Collection by Darklord
A collection of the community maps from Operation Payback, Bravo, Breakout and Vanguard (minus Cache, Cobblestone, Overpass and Train, which are official maps). Note: Since Operation Phoenix was just recycling previously used community maps, it's not i...
Operation Bravo
Collection by Hezarfen
8 maps in casual, deathmach and competitive mode.
OTC CS:GO Custom Maps
Collection by Disco Tentacles
This collection contains custom CS:GO maps for the Over 30 Club server. Maps in this collection are not necessarily permanent when it comes to the server's map cycle. Every Saturday, I'll listen to player feedback and adjust the collection accordingly.
tehwebz collection
Collection by ham5
Small map collection for servers
high Quality maps
Collection by urabe mikoto ♥
Lemon Squeezy Server Maps
Collection by RabidPanda
Just a collection of larger sized maps for a private server.
Deviant Gaming
Collection by Rockyyy
Selected Workshop Maps That Run On The Deviant Gaming CS:GO Server dG|Alpha [Workshop Maps Casual 24x7] [20P] [] IP -
Collection by Cutti
Maps von Ludenstube
Collection 2
Collection by Bendandsnap Chowderpants
Bomber's Casino Collection
Collection by Zyrphon
collection Achmed
Collection by [Achmed]™
map serveur war
Collection by helschaee
BallerWE Maps
CSGO Operation Map
Collection by Shock & Awe|Y-.-Y
All Operation Map
dmnd.NA Collection
Collection by nextlvl
dmnd.NA Collection
Les Serruriers's maps collection
Collection by [Virse-blocan rayrcanique alay]
Collection of officials and custom maps for our server "Les Serruriers"//Collection de maps officielles et de la communauté pour notre serveur, "Les Serruriers" [FR] Les Serruriers - Détente et drôlerie :
the sneakaround beta test
Collection by fine line
its for my server
INM Server
Collection by ENC Kidz
Cogent's Collection
Collection by jpayne
This is a collection created for the Testing Site.
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