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Showing 1-30 of 55 entries - Custom CS:GO Bomb/Defuse
Collection by: Heipau
Hallo Leute Ich möchte euch hier meine persönlichen Custom-Map-Vorschläge für CS:GO vorstellen, wobei es sich hier nur um Bomb/Defuse-Maps handelt (Bevorzuge ich persönlich lieber). Ich habe hierbei besonders mit darauf geachtet, das auch die Gra...
Counter Strike: Global Offensive MAP_PACK
Collection by: EFEX92
A Collection of Basic and Regularly played maps for all of you guys looking for a Map-Pack. This Collection contains 409 maps. I Recommend To just Click SUBSCRIBE ALL button to add this collection in your account and Download them to play in your CG:G...
TOG Server #1 Map Collection.
Collection by: | Hale
TOG SERVER #1 - TOG Server #1 Map Collection Workshop Maps
30+ Clan Server Map Kollektion
Collection by: -=30+=- MooDs
Eine Map Kollektion mit Maps die auf unserem Public Server laufen und gevotet werden können. -=30+=- Clan-Server 4: CS:GO FUN Server IP :
*NC*Classic Collection
Collection by: Sunkist
*NC*Classic Collection - - Official and custom classic maps. - More than 40 maps. - all maps works with bots. Use with commandline: +host_workshop_collection 126883782
Offical + Custom Maps des Serruriers
Collection by: Maxchaos
A collection of classic and custom maps used on the server "[FR] Les Serruriers - Detente et drolerie" at
Indungi Romania CS:GO Workshop
Collection by: struMf
Colectia oficiala a comunitatii Indungi Romania ce cuprinde o serie de harti cu cel mai mare rating din atelierul steam. Sunteti invitati sa va abonati la aceasta colectie pentru distractie la capacitati maxime, spune NU monotoniei, gusta si din alte hart...
Staunts Collection
Collection by: STAV3
Forgotten Virtue Custom Maps
Collection by: Protoman
Maps tested for the Forgotten Virtue CS GO Server
{H}awks Haven
Collection by: {H}SirNightHawk
The Offical Map Collection running on {H}awks Haven
Colección Canaria by KyO
Collection by: KyO
Fleje de mapas... + de 600
AymericTheNightmare's CS:GO Favorite Stuff
Collection by: AymericTheNightmare
AymericTheNightmare's CS:GO Favorite Stuff
SlothCS Server Maps
Collection by: Expository Explosion
Maps for my shitty server. If you don't know why you're here, it's best for you to leave.
Les Serruriers's maps collection
Collection by: Phlûte
Collection of officials and custom maps for our server "Les Serruriers"//Collection de maps officielles et de la communauté pour notre serveur, "Les Serruriers" [FR] Les Serruriers - Détente et drôlerie :
Collection by: Jarzka
Custom maps
Collection by: ☣ CL4P-TP ☣
Custom maps, some I've played and like, some look good and I'd like to try out!
CS:GO Špica mapy
Collection by: -Chaos-
Collection by: [GroGnonS] PABLO Classic maps
Collection by:
This is the mapgroup on our Clan Server For more info go to or join our Team Speak @ The Royal Dutch We are a Dutch Pro Gaming Clan. Powered by our own colocated Dual Oct...
THO Top Custom Classic Collection
Collection by: THO | Stone
This collection contains all the top rated custom classic maps from the workshop. If you see something new that you would like to see leave a note! THO | Stone
CSGO Pohoda
Collection by: -Chaos-
TLA private LAN CSGO
Collection by: ἰɴΔτɛʋʀ
Private collection for LAN on CSGO
ZeD +330 Maps Collection
Collection by: ZeD ┌∩┐(⋟﹏⋞)┌∩┐
+330 maps collection.
Collection by: stAtch
maps we like on customs that play well competitively on our 18 person server
Collection by: 70mbSRV
Frag-O-Ramma Pub
Collection by: MrSnivelupagus™
Competitive Pub Collection
Cyburban Gorilla Warfare
Collection by: ~{kajunmagi}~
A map route collection for a simulation of cyber-urban warfare; in a time where distinguishing differences between the good guys and the bad guys is no longer finding a line, but a tripping into a foggy cloud.
rentner residenz
Collection by: azok
läuft auf -->
Collection by: TOMABALA_KILLER
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