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altPUG Official Map Collection
Collection by: taskY^
altPUG Official Map Collection
Leetway Maps
Collection by: dna
These are the competitive maps used on Come play ranked PUG and ladder matches on Leetway! We have servers in seven countries! - Australia - France - Germany - Russia - Sweden - United Kingdom - United States
Official ESL Mappack
Collection by: eldoorfiix
Here you can find all maps of the ESL GER/EU CS:GO Ladders
Competitive "se" Maps w/ Mirage, Mill, Season & Cache
Collection by: Hatton
All competitive "se" maps including Mirage, Mill, Season & Cache. Everything you need for competitive league play!
Custom CS:GO
Collection by: Heipau
Hallo Leute Ich möchte euch hier meine persönlichen Custom-Map-Vorschläge für CS:GO vorstellen, wobei es sich hier nur um Bomb/Defuse-Maps handelt (Bevorzuge ich persönlich lieber). Ich habe hierbei besonders mit darauf geachtet, das auch die Gra...
Collection by: maxense
A collection including all AIM, AWP and _se maps which are currently being played in the ESL.                                                                                                          ...
Official CEVO Mappack
Collection by: CEVO|Spangler - soon...
CEVO competitive map collection required for Season 4 - de_tuscan by Brutesmaps coming March 2014
MapCore Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Collection by: KungFuSquirrel
Enjoy the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offerings of the MapCore community, including maps featured in Operation Payback! Have a map to share, for CS:GO or otherwise? Sign up at the 'Core to gather feedback or share your release, and join http://ste...
ESEA maps
Collection by: Sheldon [afk études]
ESEA official maps
Intoxicated CS:GO Pickups
Collection by: bawNg 30 FPS
Maps played in Intoxicated CS:GO pickups - Competitive - all maps _se, ESL, AWP and AIM
Collection by: evil /> *
All official maps Valve _se, ESL, AWP and AIM Register you API KEY here : Add the command to start the server: -authkey Your API KEY +host_workshop_collection 125951285 +workshop_start_map 125488374 Free TS...
Electronic Sports League - ESL
Collection by: ╱☣ Fr33m4n ☣╲
All important and usual maps for competitive league play will be included here. All competitive "se" maps and more! Dedicated Server Config Guide:
Counter Strike: Global Offensive MAP_PACK
Collection by: EFEX92
A Collection of Basic and Regularly played maps for all of you guys looking for a Map-Pack. This Collection contains 409 maps. I Recommend To just Click SUBSCRIBE ALL button to add this collection in your account and Download them to play in your CG:G...
esport maps / valve _se , mirage cache mill...
Collection by: MiKe.D / / all official league maps will be included here, an all-in-one for us competitive players. Collection is a work in progress.
CS:GO Maps Spotlight
Collection by: Vitaliy
CS:GO collection to host most popular maps that players want to play, but cannot find dedicated servers running those maps. Host this collection, and if your server is empty players searching for any of the maps in this collection will play on your serve...
ESL Versus
Collection by: jolt
The maps playable on ESL Versus mode. No more, no less.
Official ESL MapPack
Collection by: ESL Staff CSS/GO
Here you can find all maps of the ESL GER/EU CS:GO Ladders (state: 14.03.2014)
Competetive "se & ce" maps collection + aim_maps
Collection by: SpheX
Map list: de_mirage de_mirage_ce de_mirage_go de_mirage_new_ce de_mill de_mill_ce de_nuke_se de_train_ve de_train_se de_inferno_se de_dust2_se de_cache de_season de_tuscan aim_map aim_map_awp aim_redline aim_deagle7k
[CPC] Coin coin collection
Collection by: BioKey
eSport- and Custom-Map Collection by *
Collection by: *me-Shoe rocX #
All Maps which are necessary for our public-server! Includes ALL needed eSport-Maps and a lot of aim_maps and other Custom-Maps!
Comunidad UpC - Server Público Mapcycle 2013
Collection by: Max (von A)
Colección del Mapcycle 1era Temporada de 2013 del Servidor Público de Counter-Strike: Global Offensive de Comunidad UpC: UpC eLite #1 by Los mapas que conforma... Esl-Map Pack
Collection by: ︻デ═一๖ۣۜĐєadliηє CSGO
Allgemeine ESL MAPS: Die Kollektion bzw. der Workshop wurde nicht von der ESL generiert! Maps SE + AIM + AWP Inhalten sind alle Maps für: 1on1 Ladder 1on1 AIM Ladder 1on1 AWP Ladder 2on2 Ladder 3on3 Ladder 5on5 Ladder...
GameTech Live PUGS
Collection by: Szentigrade EXO - PES
NiP Server Collection
Collection by: NiP-Qtbear-Staff
The Magnificent Map Collection!
Collection by: TheHarding117
Tired of the vanilla Global Offensive maps? Then try this amazingly magnificent collection of maps made with the utmost commitment to quality and playability, all for your Counter Strike playing needs! From remakes to tweaks to entirely new creations, thi...
Pack Map Official on
Collection by: Replay.Be - Rip <3
Classic : - de_cache - de_season AIM : aim_dust aim_inferno_lgz aim_map aim_map2 aim_glockon aim_icemap aim_season_lgz aim_small_lgz aim_redline AWP : awp_arena awp_dust_lgz awp_ice_csgo awp_india_winter awp_leetgamerz awp_odin awp...
Quality Classic Casual Collection
Collection by: .Abvex
These are the maps for the ORACYE CSGO Server.
Competitive Maps
Collection by: ckreon
Collection of official Competitive maps from various leagues with an included aim_map for warmup.
GoonPUG Match Maps
Collection by: astroman (애스트로맨)
5v5 Competitve maps for GoonPUG Multimapas
Collection by: .alfred
Comunidad Somos una Comunidad Gaming de CS:GO desde 2010 ( 2010-CS:S > CS:GO-2012) Desde 2010 ofrece sus Servidores Públicos de juego de Counter Strike a todo aquel Player que aprecie el juego y quiera pasar un rato de Gamin...
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