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my favorite mods
Collection by: rossonero01
mis mods favoritos para realzar la experiencia en Skyrim
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Great Blazin Raisin
Collection by: Tameshon, Peace Bringer
fresh start pack
Drake Look Here
Collection by: Path
My collection is now your collection
Collection by: Hallister
BearMan's Enhanced Places in Skyrim
Collection by: MrPistoler
A collection of "Enhanced Cities", "Enhanced Skyrim", "Places", "Towns & Villages Enhanced", "Moonpath to Elsweyr", "Falskaar"
Collection by: raymang15
A collection of Skyrim mods
Collection by: TheAnimal900
Just a small collection of mods that i use in my playthrough.
Collection by: HeavyMetalPirate
its minnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee
Collection by: Plague Doctor
dont take it my collection
My Skyrim collection
Collection by: LORDJESSIAH _ssdd_
Greggles Mods
Collection by: Gre( G_G )les!
My List
Collection by: Bryant
A general good collection of mods. What I use.
Science Machine's Skyrim
Collection by: Science Machine
100+ mods i'm currently using in my version of Skyrim, aimed to be a lore friendly improvement and addition to every part of the game. This is both content and visual mods in near equal quantities, so people wanting to keep the look of their game should b...
Nightbender's Collection for Friends
Collection by: Nightbender
Just a collection for my friends to try out new mods easily. All mods in the list should work together. *Meant for core game. Additional mod arrangment needed if you have the DLCs. Do not forget to perfom the extra installs/actions that are required...
Third the end
Collection by: altowolf
Dungeons and areas
Nitis's fav quest + mods
Collection by: millert80
Just a few quests,misc. stuff and houses that i Realy enjoy...:)
Chubbybumps collection
Collection by: chubbybump
These are mods that I have selected to be compatible together and bring new life into skyrim for those who have already had a play through. The mods try to improve the graphics, scenery, and gameplay while also adding new quests, places and monsters to en...
Tamsta's Selections.
Collection by: Tamsta
Collection by: Avenger
fun stuff
Expanded and Improved
Collection by: Durnathi
This collection is for mods that add to the games experience while still keeping to the feel of the original game. It adds new lore friendly content, cleans up and improves the look of the game, and also adds a bit more realism to things. I did not person...
mine 2
Collection by: Omega
My Skyrim Steam Mods
Collection by: ianmcbay
A list of mods that i use so i can un-sub and re-sub when i hit problems. Sence when i un-sub Steam seems to wipe a mod from my list entirely.
Awesome Mods
Collection by: Boucliette
Juste pour Kevin
Viagra for skyrim (Skyrim enhancing mods)
Collection by: Drakonman
Mods that I hand picked to make skyrim less of a headache and more fun!
Collection by: Souperviel
Realism With Comfort
Collection by: Dϯh | ProDexorite
It's about the two things I seek of the roleplaying games the most; Realism With Comfort. I would like to keep the game looking as amazing as possible, and making some things more realistic, but also making the game a little bit easier with a couple of mo...
personal mod list
Collection by: nuclearcomplex
skyrim 1
Collection by: the.. Goo
the ones i use
Green Blood's Subscribed Mods
Collection by: [tC] Onion Knight
Just the stuff that I subscribe to, friends keep asking what Mods I use on my Skyrim.
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