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Azure1354's Essential Skyrim
Collection by: azure1354
This is a collection of mods that is based off of my Ultimate Skyrim collection ( This collection narrows the Ultimate Skyrim collection down to just a few mods that I consider to be essent...
Maple's Mod List
Collection by: Dr. Maple
A collection of mods that I use for an optimal Skyrim experience. Requires Dawnguard.
Collection by: Benny Pendentes
Nothing to see here... just tucking this collection away so I can try other mods for a while.
Nyurena's Favs
Collection by: NyuRena
Some great mods that vastly improve the game for me.
Taeloth's Personal Collection
Collection by: Taeloth
Contains all the mods I have downloaded and am currently using. This was created for personal friends to jumpstart their mod collections.
Additional Collection (Part 2)
Collection by: Agent_Anorexia
These mods may have conflicts and are farther reaching than the base collections mod. They add new things such as quests, areas, items, etc. and do not strictly follow game lore (though I tried). I have confirmed that the game will launch and there are no...
General improvements
Collection by: [Q.K.] Entharion
This is the collection of mods I actively use, it contains mainly graphical improvements, and some gameplay improvements.
André Mods
Collection by: Trais Cushranada
Better Skyrim
Collection by: Eltreum
Collection of fixes and improvements to the game, be it graphical or gameplay related.
Wraitox seine Kollektion
Collection by: Wraitox
Mr Herp Derp am Werk
Skyrim Cosmetic
Collection by: RazorMarc
Mostly cosmetic changes, no big gameplay adjustments only small stuff.
Collection by: DoDoDon
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: sd.white.79
Random Set
Collection by: Devon
Lore-Friendly Awesomesauce Collection
Collection by: Louis
A collection of pretty much all lore friendly mods that will make Skyrim loads better.
Hooray's Picks
Collection by: [TACO] Hooray the Hooligan
Graphics overhauls and lore friendly mods. No game breakers. No spidermans or lightsabers. Nothing silly.
EletroBull's Collection
Collection by: Eletro Bull
Mods I use.
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Lightofzion
A collection of my personally selected mods from Steam's Workshop.
Collection by: Sonozaki
Collection by: GeekyBones
Shatyar sécuritaire
Collection by: tishaw_
Hamoth's Mixbag of Goodies
Collection by: Hamoth
Just a collection that I like, saving it for a rainy day.
Re Install
Collection by: Tony Bagadonuts
For Re Installation
Collection by: [wonderfail]
Oddish's Favorites
Collection by: Oddish
Collection by: Ashlyin
Skrim Misc Collection
Collection by: 109leonidas
Odry mods for naynay
Collection by: Odry
Sharing mods with my wife.
Collection by: Hannahumanoidi
Dippin' Dahtz Stuff
Collection by: Dippin' Dahtz
my favorites
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